Ron and Phyllis have been loving fans of and contributors to The Soulmate Experience Facebook page since it began. Ron recently lost Phyllis to cancer. He asked us to share some of his words and photos as a reminder to everyone never to take for granted the time you are blessed to spend with your loved ones.

Phyllis & Ron

"I want to remind people that there is no tomorrow for those you love. Take today as the only one you have."

"I was with her to her last breath. 
As hard as that was, it was the most loving experience I have ever had."


"You all would have loved this beautiful woman."

"Phyllis encompassed and lived the word LOVE in every moment of her life. Phyllis was love, is love, she defined it better then anyone I have ever known."

"My Phyllis has passed on and is no longer in pain. She was without a doubt an Angel, a light unto the world. I will forever be grateful for the time I was allowed to spend with her. She will be deeply and sadly missed but never forgotten. I will always love her."

Phyllis"No words can truly convey how empty I feel now that you have passed on. I have been going through the pictures of our many journeys that we have shared together and the tears rain down. I did not have enough time with you and so much of it I wasted with my own fears of failing again. But you never gave up on me... When I could not face you, you would pick my head up and tell me you loved me, would always be there for me... God has created no greater woman than you Phyllis. As hard as it was to watch you hurt so much, it was the most intimate moment in my life. I was blessed to be there with you. It hurt but it answered for me the question we have both asked, Why? To see you at peace after you passed on, to see a little smile after all that pain, brought some peace to me."

"You have put up with my childish ways, stayed strong when I wanted to run, laughed at my strange humor. I love you more than you know."

"The world needs the light Phyllis shines on the world." 

Daughter & granddaughter"You have raised two fantastic beautiful children, and in them those that have never met you will experience a little of what all your friends and family and I have. Your relationship with your granddaughter is something I shared with so many. I just loved to watch and listen to you whisper stories to her as you held her as a newborn. I remember that day we truly connected at a level so deep and we both knew it; what an amazing feeling. I could go on for days about how special you are..." 

Phyllis & sonRon created a video in honor of his beloved Phyllis:
Forever Loved • Always Missed
About his video, he says: "If this has touched you, then you have been touched by the same love and compassion that captured. Don't waste it. Use to make the world a better place."


There is no tomorrow till you're there. "How this sits so deeply in me now, its meaning truly understood. Set aside your petty differences, for that is truly what the vast majority of them are. Love with all your heart and don't hold back 'cause tomorrow there may be no one to hold! I regret my missed moments but am deeply forever thankful for the moments we did share."

Cherish every moment. You never know when it will be the last time you see someone. "The weight of this hits home every day. Do your best to make sure it's not your weight."

"I love you Phyllis and always will. 
I will do my best to live the rest of my life in a way that honors you."

Sunset over the Gate

In gratitude to you both for sharing your love with so many. ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience and the forthcoming book The Soulmate Lover