Michelle Williams (Michee) is a life coach and health coach who helps clients lose weight, overcome low self-esteem, find their life’s purpose, set up their business, and fulfill their artistic and creative potential. She is also a writer, blogger, poet, avid cyclist, partner of the brilliant jazz musician Tracey LaRoy Kirk out of Chicago, and last but by no means least, mum to two beautiful grown-up children. Learn more about Michee at www.SharingSelfImprovement.com and join her on twitter at @MicheeSSI.   

michelle and tracey

I’ll start with this wonderful quote by Maya Angelou:

“Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life.”

For me, my partner Tracey is the visible manifestation brought forth from this invisible force as the soul connection in to my life. I think about us as two souls divinely ordained. A beautiful, special connection and bond on all levels. Not a perfect person but perfect for me in every way.

My best friend who appreciates the multidimensional facets of my being. He sees my strength but also sees my vulnerabilities. He sees my confidence but sees how delicate and sensitive I am too.

I also see him in his entirety. And I accept him for who he is and enjoy the unfolding of the person he is destined to become.

Our soul connection is so many things but what I enjoy mostly is that it allows me to be me. I can be sexy, sassy, successful, feminine, free-spirited, courageous, creative and loved for who I am. Not someone else’s interpretation of who they “think” I should be, or where I should or shouldn’t fit, but a healthy celebration and acceptance of me.

I feel most soulful when I am with Tracey. He creates a space for me to feel safe, always. I never worry about him compromising me in any way. He is funny and makes me laugh with his really silly jokes. He knows just how to put a smile on my face.

Being together makes me feel youthful. Even though we are both over 48 years of age, when I look at him I see a youthful energy, a playfulness that flows effortlessly.

When we are out together, he constantly holds my hand and gently kisses it periodically as if to reassure me that my place is permanently reserved on his pedestal, way up in the sky!

A soulful connection between the sheets goes way beyond sex. With him, it feels like two souls making love to the pulsating rhythm of passion itself. Our mind, body and soul perfectly in sync. It is as though he is tuned in to my body’s desires and knows how to satisfy me with every touch and caress.

And after making love, he gently wraps his strong arms around me like he ain’t never letting me go. And I know in my heart, he ain’t never letting me go!

I am soulful with him because we share and bare ourselves intimately. We talk about everything from politics to past relationships, from evolution to deep emotions. We’re okay to be naked and vulnerable, to be afraid, to open old wounds, to explore possibilities and to define our world with each other’s love placed firmly at its core.

I am his angel, he is my shield. I am his shoulder, he is my pillow, so fluffy and soft that I could just melt into him forever!


Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, Michee, for sharing your soulmate experience with us—we are inspired by your example of what a truly soulful connection is all about! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.