Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. I have actually had two soul connections so far in my 54 years of life. Both experiences happened at a time when I needed each of these individuals in my life at that very moment to help me get through some personal struggles. Both individuals are females and both are high school classmates that I really didn’t know very well in school, but the connections have been life changing for me.

The first connection happened when I was dealing with feelings of so much deep hate and discontentment with my life when this woman reached out to me on Facebook and drew me into this wonderful soulful experience of love and friendship that helped me regain perspective and direction of my life. We have a true spiritual connection with each other even though there are hundreds of miles between us. She was actually born about 6 hours after I was. We stay in touch and she is consistently “feeling” me and contacting me to see what is happening in my life.

The other woman also felt my cries for help on Facebook and contacted me. We immediately made a strong soul connection and she knew exactly what I was feeling and she helped coach me through a tremendously painful experience in my life.

Both of these “soul mates” have changed my life so much for the positive. I don’t know where I would be without them right now. They keep me going forward and they give me strength and encouragement to see each day with a positive attitude and with an attitude about life of feeling the freshness of it each day and a strong hope of something wonderful happening each day. Our love and friendship transcends anything I’ve ever experienced. I actually have never seen my second friend at all. I wouldn’t know her if she walked up and hugged me, but I constantly feel her, and my other friend, through our soul connection.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. My most soul-opening experience actually came while I was preaching a sermon to a small congregation that I used to pastor a few years ago. I had been in an “institutional church” for over 30 years and really thought I had experienced so many great highs of spirituality in my life during that time.

But this one day I was preaching on what the New Testament book calls “freedom”.  As I was delivering my sermon to this small group of individuals (about 25), I suddenly felt a great revelation and an overpowering sense of understanding real “unconditional love” that flows from the Creator. I’ve preached and taught on this subject of “freedom” many times, but until that moment I had never really felt it and never really understood it in my own life and soul.

It hit me like a ten-ton stone. I think I stopped in the middle of the sermon and just stared skyward. And then caught myself and continued delivering the sermon with a newness of excitement and realization about what it means to have someone love you unconditionally, without any conditions on the relationship.

I focused on this for several months and during that time I discovered a love and a kindness and gentleness and a mercy and a grace for myself that I had never felt before. I finally felt “free” in this life.

When your spirit and soul and mind truly feels free and lives free, life becomes so real and so meaningful and so filled with happiness and joy. This was my experience of having the shackles of this life taken off of me. And until your shackles are released, you can never fully touch another soul fully.

When do you feel your most soulful? My most soulful moments are always when I am alone and my mind is free from distractions of the world and I can concentrate on growing in my knowledge of what it means to be truly free in my spirit and my soul and my mind. As I grow during these times, my relationships with others are enhanced and changed. The world around me becomes less of a place of anger and ugliness, but a place of blessings and happiness.

I am learning to drive out the bitterness and anger about things I have no control over and to live at peace and contentment with myself and others around me.  Long rides on my motorcycle through the back roads of Kentucky gives me plenty of time to search out answers to so many questions about life and myself. I cannot understand others until I understand myself. If I’m not truthful with myself about who I am, how can I really be truthful in a relationship with someone else?

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? When I am riding my motorcycle throughout the country is when I am most in touch with my own soul. The rushing of the wind and the clarity of the world around the time I have to ponder on my life and the world I live in all help me get in touch with my soul. I have the opportunity to challenge myself on issues that I have questions about. I have to resolve and form a foundation of my own beliefs that are important to me to be able to face life each day.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? I have met two individuals that are very soulful. They are my two friends that I would call the closest thing to soul mates that I have. The intuitiveness and their understanding about life and the inner-self has helped my open so many wonderful doors to a new me and a new world in which I now live. They have that unconditional love for me as I have for them. And we are able to actually “feel” each other across the miles. They both have this ability more than I do, but I am growing in that ability to feel them more and more.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? A true soulful relationship cannot exist without both individuals having unconditional love for each other. When there are expectations or any perceptions of certain attitudes or actions that the other person has to have for the relationship to continue, then I must believe that the two souls have not connected.

Too many relationships are really about ownership and gratification of certain wants and needs of one or both persons. That does not make it a truly soulful relationship. There has to be freedom to be who we really are; full acceptance of all faults and failures. A deep relationship is not continuance on just making each other happy in some way, but it is built on an ongoing experience of recognizing and accepting the wholeness of the other person. Not attempting to “make” them into something that only brings a feeling of “physical satisfaction” to your body. The soulful experience has to be felt inside where the truth lives.  Anyone can find someone that gives you a feeling of happiness and excitement and physical pleasures. But true soulful relationships always contain the unconditional love attribute and the gift of freedom to each other.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I cannot answer this question, simply because I am still discovering my soul and I’m still growing in understanding what it is and how it works in my life. I just take each day that comes and meet that which comes with the new understandings that I have.  Purpose? To live.

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