One of the most soul-opening times of my life was after I survived a near death accident. My soul opened to the world as if everything was brand new to me.

One of the longest-lasting deep soul connections I have is with my beloved cat Libby, or The Liberator. We have a bond that is very uncommon.

I feel most soulful when I am quiet in Nature. Although I usually experience this communing with nature when I am hiking alone, I have experienced it with others as well. I feel very in touch with my soul right here in Tahoe. Whether it be braving the elements to get fresh snow, or floating blissfully in Lake Tahoe, there is just something about this place.

One of the most soulful people I have ever known is my friend Ben. He is a musician beyond compare. His ability to express himself through his guitar is awe inspiring.

I believe a soulful relationship is a living breathing organism, shifting and growing. I believe it is a beautiful dance in which each bows to the others needs and wants while stepping into their own power and claiming what they need. To me it is one of sharing, nurturing, compassion, openness, and listening.

My soul's purpose is to spread happiness and laughter. I have a gift in that I find it easy to relate to and amuse people. I have undergone a deep transformation in the past two years. Viewing life through a new lens, I am excited to learn all I can.

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