Murray, who hails from Calgary and who can be reached via Facebook, says of this interview, "My apologies for the length of my response; however, once I began, my soul literally exploded with things I wished to share. I thoroughly enjoyed responding to your Soul Interview questions—so much so that doing this became a very moving and soulful experience in and of itself. It was like you found the way to turn my soul on ... hence, a response of length that even amazed me!"

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

Meeting and having the privilege to work with a particular Superintendent during my professional education career became a deep soul connection with a profoundly soulful individual which created considerable soul opening, growth, and confirmation for me. For purposes of this interview, I shall reference this particular individual simply as Ed. Ed joined my school division some ten to twelve years after me. However, upon our initial contact in an educational setting, I felt and experienced an incredible aura from Ed ~ an aura of the strength that signalled to me that we had previous wonderful contact in a past life. It was rather obvious that he felt the same aura as he immersed himself in conversation with me while literally ignoring a couple of other colleagues of mine. There was an immediate depth of comfortableness felt by me ... in actuality, such a depth of comfortableness I could not recollect experiencing prior to this moment.

During the course of our dialogue, I referenced Ed as a ‘huggable and lovable teddy bear’ with Ed’s response being a nodding and warm smile of agreement. Bear in mind that I had never physically met Ed until this particular moment, and this speaks to both the depth and immediacy of soul connection. During the course of the many years Ed worked within the same school division as I, I was the only person who could and would refer to Ed as a ‘huggable and lovable teddy bear’.

My connection with Ed basically became the fertilizer that promoted the further development, consolidation, and blossoming of my soul. His person ... his presence ... his life involvement spoke to me, touching me in ways and depth unknown to me before. In the educational realm, Ed was the consummate professional and was very well-respected by all stakeholders. Ed also showed himself to be a ‘man of the soil’ as his family and he resided on a farm in the area where they raised livestock; especially award-winning cattle. His farm life was concurrent to his educational career with both roles serving as part of the soulful character and life led by Ed. Ed was also an active Bishop within religious circles and actually took in troubled and distressed youth and young adults to whom he became their mentor as he did his best to help them straighten out their lives so they were able to return to mainstream society in a considerably more well-adjusted and productive manner. Watching Ed live his life in this way deeply touched my spirit and soul and actually, in a sense, became the life fuel that turned my soul life passion and purpose into a raging inferno!

Not only was Ed a splendid educator ... a man of the soil ... he was an Angel sent to stir the embers of my soul and to re-ignite and take the fire, passion, purpose, and drive that is me to greater heights both for my benefit as well as that of society.

When do you feel your most soulful?

I am in my element in the company of others and it is during such instances when I feel myself most soulful. This quite perhaps is the case for me as ‘touching’ others in positive fashion no matter the magnitude is my life passion and purpose. As long as I am in the company of an other(s), I am in a soulful environment for me ... an environment in which I am able to create respectful and meaningful relationships through which opportunity to help improve the lot of others presents itself. I am a believer in angels ... Earth Angels and otherwise ... know they exist in many forms and abound here in this environment. It is my belief that these angels are actually Divine messengers and that, with respect to my life passion or purpose, I am or become such an Angel for others.

Further in this regard, while sharing my thoughts in this ‘Soul Interview’, I received an email communication from a well-respected source that sheds more light upon my beliefs and the soul that is me. Quoting directly from two sections of this communication: (a) “You know there is more to life than what you see on the surface and you are right. Your intuition tells you there is more out there than meets the eye, and your intuition is right. You know you’re special, and you are.” (b) “People are magnetically drawn to you. Have you ever wondered why? You’re always there for your friends and family, and you even care deeply about the people you don’t know too. Have you ever questioned where these qualities came from? They are angelic qualities, and it is in your spiritual make-up. Murray, your kindness was heaven-sent and given to you by the Archangels on the day you were born. This is why you are the caring, generous soul you are today.”

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul?

Having shared that many of my most soulful moments come in the company or presence of others, it is tantamount for me to recharge or re-energize my soulful self to be able to effectively continue my life work. Nature is another direct link to the Divine. It is within the Divine creation of Nature that I am able to recharge and re-energize. The natural environment that speaks to me loudly and clearly and, as such, provides me the greatest opportunity for immense depth of re-energizing is a mountain environment. Mountains, through their powerful majesty, serve as my conduit to my soul from the Divine. The sheer power and strength of the Divine flows through the mountains to me. Being in the presence of mountains and mountain ranges figuratively and literally becomes the station from which my soul is not only replenished but replenished to overflowing. In effect, the mountains manifest themselves to me as Divine Angels from and through whom my soul is replenished as well as my life passion and purpose is reconfirmed and further fine-tuned.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

Soulful relationships have key and tell-tale characteristics in their make-up. Having a soulful relationship implies a relationship where both you and your partner(s) are free to be yourselves without fear of judgment or recrimination. Implied to me also is the opportunity to recharge or feed respective souls by doing the things that you love, either as a couple/group or individually on your own.

Any relationship, soulful or otherwise, starts from within. It is imperative that we truly connect with ourselves so that we know, understand, respect, and love who we are and why we behave as we do. Buoyed by our self-knowledge and understanding, we are now ready and equipped to create and build meaningful and soulful relationships.

Soulful relationships are built upon unconditional love and respect. They are driven by the heart and not the ego. Such relationships are fostered and grow beautifully when each relationship member is able to cultivate and periodically enjoy their own interests, friends, and social life within the parameters of the relationship. When relationship partners are able to feed their respective souls by doing what they love, more soul automatically is brought into the relationship. The creation and evolution of soulful relationships is severely hampered by either too much or too little relationship togetherness.

Soul in a relationship is created and fostered through the mutual presence and demonstration of care, forgiveness, and open honest communication and sharing. In soulful relationships, partners are known to encourage and enjoy each other. As such relationships evolve, the partners change somewhat so it is also imperative that relationship partners be open to continual learning about both their partner as well as their relationship. Soulful relationships do not just happen ... they are living and constantly evolving ... a mutual commitment to each of the partners as well as to the relationship exists.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

My soul’s purpose manifests itself as my life passion. It has always been my life passion or life purpose to make positive impact, no matter the magnitude, upon everyone with whom I come in contact. I strongly believe that I have been divinely placed into my current physical environment to ‘touch’ people ... to make positive impact upon others ... to leave everyone with whom I come in contact in a better way than they were prior to my coming in contact with them. While it is true that I am unable to change anyone aside from myself, it again is my firm innate belief that I have the ability, the gifts, and divine responsibility to create and unassumingly present alternative options from which others are able to choose to incorporate into their being and, in so doing, are able to improve themselves and their lives.