Sid has blessed The Soulmate Experience community on Facebook with his soulful poetry since the page began. His photographs reveal his soulful nature just as well as his words do! Enjoy.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.
It began so simply,
A night between friends,
Dinner and wine with conversation
And some time to spend.
But the night held a secret,
An elixir it would stir and serve,
That would cast its spell upon me
And another upon her.
So while entangled in its magic,
In a web of silent bliss,
We embraced one another
And shared a tender kiss.
One kiss led to another,
The night’s spell had been cast.
Time was its only disappointment
For it flew by too fast.
Will there be another moment,
Will the spell be cast again,
Or will the moment be only a memory,
Of a night’s magic between friends?

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. Just recently with my dad. Most of my life, the “relationship” between me and my father has been estranged, to say the least. We didn’t see eye to eye on many things when I was young and that didn’t change much as I grew older. I “walked to the beat of a different drummer” than what my dad wanted for me, so there has been internal and external conflict between us for most of my life, until recently.

Circumstances presented an invitation from my dad to join him in something we hadn’t done together since I was a young man, and something he had done many times with me and my brothers when we were just boys… and in my memory was my first and most precious bond with my father: a hunting adventure.

My dad asked me if I were interested in sharing a small piece of local land on which we could hunt together and was surprised when I so eagerly accepted—and it almost instantly created a new bond between us. You see, my dad cannot drive at night, so it meant that I would go and pick him up in the early hours before dawn and then sometime not return until after the sun had set. We got a chance to reconnect and even the soul of a man of my “age” is opened and moved when his father says: “Son, I’m proud of you.”

But the most “dramatic” soul opener was his reply when I asked, “Dad, who is your best friend? I’ve known you all these years and I don’t know your best friend.” His reply: “My sons are.” It still opens my soul when I repeat those words.

When do you feel your most soulful? I’m blessed that there are many times and moments that allow me to “feel” soulful. Of course there have been those quiet, intimate moments with a lover when all felt “perfect.” There are times when I listen to music when my soul is so overwhelmed that tears flow from my heart and through my eyes. There have been parties where I was the DJ when my soul was connected so well to the souls in attendance, that the music just became an expression of the hearts & souls of all of us… And I also feel soulful when my soul turns the key to the door of my heart and releases words that find their freedom in rhyme & verse…

I’ve had so many soulful moments observing a sunrise or sunset. My soul is so peaceful when watching the morning awaken or when i witness the day surrender to the night, and when I observe it through the lens of my camera it is drawn closer to me in a more intimate way. There’s often such awe as I watch the hand of the Divine unveil its work right before my eyes that I can’t help but openly express my gratitude.

What qualities to you feel a soulful relationship has? It’s really a paradox for me because I feel a soulful relationship is quiet, tender, peaceful, intimate, passionate, forgiving and loving—but each of these “qualities” are INTENSELY shared.

One’s soul is an amazing and, I feel, a Divine aspect of who we are, and unfortunately there are many who don’t share that part of themselves with another. They either keep it guarded and restrained or anonymous and unexplored. The Soul is kind of like a velvet hammer. While the image of the hammer is one of strength and intensity, its velvet composition is not frightening and it is soft to the touch. The souls’ only “enemy” is the ego… and we often allow our souls to be defeated by it, but when one’s soul is intensely connected to the soul of another, the ego can be defeated and lifelong bonds can be formed, even if only in memory.

Relationships of the soul can be eternal, they can remain long after the physical relationship has “expired.” All that is required is to recall and embrace the original “connection.” In closing, I offer this “example” of what I’m attempting to convey:
If I said “I Love You” once, I do still.
No matter where you’ve traveled,
No matter who you’re with.
If I said “I Love You” once,
I did then, and always will.