How did you meet, and how did you know that this relationship is special?

Michelle: “We met at a boat club. I came in and saw him sitting and talking to the bartender. I came with a date, but when our eyes met, we were the only two people in the room!”

Manuel: "When I saw Michelle, I forgot I was even dating Jill!” (the bartender)

Michelle: “I forgot all about the date I had walked in with and grabbed Manuel off his barstool and said, 'Dance with me!' And we did—all night long.”

Manuel: “We shared almost everything later that night on the phone. I felt like a schoolboy again!"

Do you feel you're connected on a soul level?

Michelle: “I hurt when he hurts and I am happy when he's happy!”

Manuel: “And I hurt when she hurts and I am happy when she is happy! We feel each other's emotions.”

Michelle: “When I call him at work he says, ‘I was just about to call you!’ I will say something and he will say, ‘I was just about to say that!’ And he does the same thing to me.”

We both think we are connected at a deeper level than most. We finish each other's sentences and we used to think it was crazy, but not after ten years of marriage! It's just who we are. On our wedding day we eloped! The tears were flowing in the limo the whole way to the temple, during the entire ceremony and the whole way to the restaurant! There was just so much love and such an amazing connection of love. Neither of us has ever felt this way before! We are now husband and wife, but we know we are soulmates forever!

What do you do to keep your connection alive? We make love often—we both agree it keeps the passion and connection alive! We use our jacuzzi as much as possible and light candles and play beautiful music while we are in the tub. We have made it important to have date nights! We go to different restaurants and enjoy our night. We love to use our wave-runners, snowmobiles and motorcycles. We cook outside and love to make a picnic out of it, we enjoy walks and swimming at night on our lake, and we use a telescope late at night to stargaze—it's all very romantic!

Michelle: “Manuel agrees it is very important to keep the love alive. He is aware how important it is to me and how it makes me feel to be the love of his life.”

Manuel: “I always tell her she looks beautiful! She loves to hear it and I love to see her reaction!”

What advice can you offer other couples to help them keep their connection strong? Listen to your partner and be sure he/she listens to you as well! Make agreements that you both can live with in your relationship—from how you agree to argue to having a date night. Make time for each other. If your partner needs to talk to you, shut off the T.V. or put down your book. Give them your attention, 100% of it! Remember how it felt to snuggle? It felt great, didn't it? Ask yourself, why did you stop? Remember all of those happy days that brought the two of you together. Try to make yourself feel beautiful/handsome—not only do you look good, but it shows in how you behave as well: You feel great inside and out! Remember what it was you fell in love with your partner for and look for those characteristics again—they are still there just waiting to come out, as are yours! And always be loving to each other!