Sandy of Courageous Loving Heart and her partner Gavin enjoy their soulmate experience in lovely New Zealand.

Tell us how you met, and how you knew that this relationship was special. Gavin and I met in a mutual friend's leathermaking studio. Left alone together for a while, we found a rhythm as we cut and stamped leather—playfully and with no care in the world. We became good friends after that, able to just be ourselves with each other. As I answer your question, I feel that rhythm we found has stayed with us. Perhaps it is this that has kept us so strongly connected, even through times that became troubled and complicated.

Do you feel that you're connected on a soul level? We both feel there is a constant communication and connection between us that occurs through and beyond the words, the glances and the embraces that we share. I feel Gavin alongside me no matter what I may be experiencing or going through. When we're physically apart, I feel him within my heart and all around me. I have no doubt that our connection moves beyond mind and body, into the arena of Soul and Spirit.

How do benefit from being in a profoundly connected love relationship? Our committed and deeply loving relationship allows both of us to keep growing and exploring the true nature of such a relationship. There are often things come up that could potentially put us off track—what color should we paint our house, are we doing everything we could be doing for our children and their struggles with life, one of us feeling grumpy or down for no apparent rhyme or reason, will we make the next rates and taxes payment on our house. When something arises, we both know we're not going to lash out at each other, we're not going to settle for misunderstandings and neither of us will turn around and sulk for days. This means we can work through anything. We stay connected and keep communicating until we find a way to deal with what's happening, or the issue simply resolves itself in the space we've allowed.

Life is so much easier this way. We have more time to enjoy being together.

What passions do you share? Our favorite thing in the world is noticing and enjoying the magic that happens every time we venture out into Nature. This can be in the song of a bird, an array of color in the landscape, the fragrance of flowers and bushes. We find these moments in our garden, down at the beach, in our cherished meditation spot or while we're walking or driving through the countryside. Nature responds to us. We feel it appreciating us as we're taking the time to enjoy it and each other. We feel how it brings us together, opening us up more and more to the beauty of the world we live in—and to the intrinsic beauty that lies within us.

What advice can you offer other couples to help them keep their connection strong? To couples who want to keep their connection strong, I always say that the most important thing is for each of you to get to know yourself. Discover your inner world, what inspires you, what impedes you that you could let go of. Begin to delight in yourself. You'll find your inner strength this way. Never assume to know your partner. As each of you grows and changes, let go of your expectations. Prepare to be surprised and delighted as you begin to stand courageously alongside each other and allow a deeper love to emerge between you.

What advice can you offer single people who desire a relationship like yours? To people who are searching for such a relationship, I say the same. As you get to know your inner world and your courage grows, you won't feel a need to be unnecessarily guarded and you'll make decisions guided by your inner wisdom. You'll find yourself with partners who feel closer to your heart.

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you for sharing your soulmate experience with us—we are inspired by your example of what a truly soulful connection is all about! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience, 52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love