Our story is truly amazing, and I hope it inspires your own fairy-tale-like experience. We met in an idyllic spot aptly named Eden, located in the middle of the Sonora Desert in Arizona. I had come with my friends to enjoy the hot springs and to take a break from my busy schedule in Los Angeles.

Eden’s rustic environment is informal, and that morning my look was vastly different from my usual city makeup, high heels and designer clothes. My hair was loosely tied in a bun, I wore slippers and a robe, and around my neck was draped a towel. I was walking to take a dip in the pool. On my way, I met a friendly guy with a chess set in his hands. He asked if I knew how to play.

Yes, I did and I loved chess, but I had not played for years. We both remember our first game distinctly. My husband claims he can recall the positions of the pieces. During that game he looked into my eyes and found what he had been looking for all along. He knew in an instant that I was the girl of his dreams. For me it took some time – a week to be exact. We were married in two months.

We skipped all conventions and followed our hearts every step of the way. Our ceremony was intimate and informal. We did not invite guests or even notify anyone. It was our sacred moment; we shared it only with the reverend and two witnesses. In a park next to a blooming white oleander, we said to each other words that were deeply meaningful to us. A few months later, we threw a wedding reception to celebrate our love and to share our joy with family and friends.

Nothing has been easier in my life than living with my husband and maintaining our daily magic. We dream together and craft our lives by design. Almost a year ago we left our full-time jobs and decided to travel the world and allow our inspirations to flourish in new projects. We spent two months in Argentina, three months in Costa Rica and now we are in lovely Mexico. We are learning new things together and soaking in the beauty of our planet. We work from home and allow our creative juices to flow.

My husband works on a few inventions and he just finished writing a movie script. I help people create extraordinary intimate relationships and help them allow the flow of love from their hearts. I’m also finishing a new book called All In: How to Let the Best Thing Ever Happen to You, which is like Think and Grow Rich for personal happiness. I am delighted that Mali and Joe will be sharing their wisdom with the readers as well.

Aleksey and I kissed our fair share of frogs before finding each other. Sincere communication is natural and fun. It is games and manipulations that are complicated. You deserve your own blissful and soulful relationship, and only you can make it happen!

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Thank you, Sky and Aleksey, for sharing your love story. ♥ Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships and creators of Mantras for Making Love and Overcoming Jealousy