When we truly love someone, we will support them in pursuing their own path, wherever that path may take them. The level of unconditional love—"genderless, limitless, boundless, endless, timeless"—that the man in this true account demonstrates for his soulmate may well surprise you.

I hadn't planned it, how could I have? It was by pure chance.

He turned around, and for a moment, we were floating, suspended in that glorious, timeless realm of dream. Everyone and everything faded into nothingness, leaving only a peaceful stillness. His face a peach haze, but his eyes - piercing blue and bright, smiled at me, glimmering with that familiar recognition from ages gone by, to welcome me home again.

Not a word was spoken, but I heard his soul call out with a passionate cry, "I've found you again." As I searched into those deep blue pools of love, a rocket of energy exploded into my chest, causing my knees to buckle. Every fiber of my being vibrated with a warm, electric charge. We were locked, heart to heart, by a powerful magnetic force. The pulsating sound of my heart was almost deafening, but a welcomed treat when compared to the static buzzing that served as our soundtrack.

My head was swimming, I couldn't breathe. But I stood there, willingly drowning in this delicious delirium. I knew - I had found my soulmate. And 13+ years on, I still haven't come up for air.

This isn't a relationship, this is a refuge. Built out of unconditional love, unwavering support, abiding acceptance, quiet patience, unshakeable faith, open communication, and resolute forgiveness. Where we freely give the other permission to be and grow into who and what we are meant to be, without any fear of judgment, without expectation.

Nowhere has this promise been more evident than during my personal journey into love and self-discovery that started some 20 months ago, and began with another chance meeting and the rejoining of me with another soulmate.

But what did this mean for me? What would this mean for my marriage? Would he understand? Should I tell him? Countless questions swirled around in my head, and fear became my shadow.

Such is our connection, that there were no words needed - my husband, recognised, with immediacy, the soul connection between us. Intuitively feeling and understanding the potential healing and transformative powers possible within this relationship, as well as recognising the enormity of the situation - being presented with such a rare gift, he became a staunch supporter and vocal proponent of our celebrating and ever exploring the deeper meaning of our friendship, without any reservations.

His own spiritual evolution, which started many years before, was now aiding me in my own journey. Instead of running to fear and jealousy, or engaging in any other resistant feelings or behaviours, he understood that within this union, or rather "reunion", there was presented an opportunity - an opportunity for him to seek the higher possibility that would have he and I bonding and sharing, teaching and learning, exploring and growing.

And so, this beautiful bond; rare and special, with my husband's blessing, in time grew wings and transported my friend and I through to a newfound sense of trust - a trust and understanding that gave way to tender companionship.

By allowing me the freedom, without any ultimatums or limitations, to answer my soul's call to this friend, this soulmate, together my husband and I discovered the true meaning of our purpose for being together in this life, and for my husband to realise, and fully step into his role as teacher, thus fulfilling his soul's purpose. I cannot have one without the other; that is to say, I cannot fully experience one relationship without the other - one gives me the knowledge, teaches me the rules, and the other demands that I throw them away and trust.

One is moody, unpredictable, fascinating and exciting. The other is constant, patient and protective. Both are unconditionally loving, deeply compassionate, soul nurturing and help to expose my extraordinary and undeniable place in this world. Beneath the surface lies a deep well of compassion and a true belief in the remarkable abilities of the other, reinforcing the other's self-esteem and self-expression. A connection that is always about a genuine mutual caring... a true love.

A true love that defies limiting categorisation. For true love, to be "in love", is neither romantic nor platonic. To be "in love" is exactly as it sounds: to be in a pure state of love. To be in love is to operate from a pure state of love - a love whose sole commitment is to the soul's happiness, care and consideration for their partner's well-being, and an acceptance of all that they were, and who they are today, and who they will become. A promise to always come from a place of compassion and offer generous forgiveness.

To be in love, whether it be with a beautiful sunrise, the aching passion of a lover, the sensation of the wind through your hair, the tender love of a mother's child, a stirring piece of music, or a supportive, steadfast friend, is to be in love with its Divinity. When you are in love, you are in love with its beauty. You are in love with its magic, its ability to inspire you on towards greatness, to elevate you, to bring you closer to Source, to bring you into alignment with your higher self. When you are in love, you are in love with its ability to open you up fully to access, and experience, every emotion along the spectrum.

When you are in love, fear is eradicated, doubt is extinguished. For true love demands a shift in consciousness. A consciousness that brings about an understanding of Universal "oneness", and with that a sense of responsibility; to trust, have faith, and exercise patience.

True love cannot be compartmentalised, because true love is genderless, limitless, boundless, endless, timeless. It's all encompassing. This is my lesson, and my teacher has taught me well.

"Dragonfly Trio" by Patricia Robin Woodruff, www.InnerArtSpirit.etsy.com. The artist notes that the dragonfly "represents going past self-created illusions that limit our growing and changing. Dragonflies are also a symbol of the maturity that comes from growth."