Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. My deep soul connection is with a very, very special friend. He has opened my heart, moved me beyond words, challenged every view I have and is pretty much me, in male form. He has shown me new worlds and possibilities and through challenging me, I have been able to start to release old patterns, hurts and soul-wounds. We may be friends for just another day, another month, another year, perhaps even 'til we die... however long our friendship may last, I will be eternally grateful towards him and will keep him and our connection in my heart.

When do you feel your most soulful? That time would have to be the Summer of 2010, when I realized things were over with my now ex-husband and I. I literally hit rock bottom and was not able to carry on for awhile. I had a mild breakdown (or what I now call a break through—broke through the defenses and false self I had created to "keep me safe" and to earn me approval and love from people). I stayed with my family for about half a year and they helped to get me back to being stable and to recover my self-worth and self esteem. Friends too showered me with love and for the first time, I realized that I did not have to hide my issues and problems... that it was ok to be vulnerable and real about what was going on with me. I started exploring different aspects of myself and started to really question my beliefs in everything. As I started changing, people who felt uncomfortable with that, left my life. I mourned them leaving, but then started seeing that new people were coming in to take their place. I am so extremely grateful for that time, for it has made me who I am today.

I feel soulful when I am fixing a delicious raw food meal, walking in the sun, listening to West African music (specifically the music from Mali) and dancing, laughing with a good friend, meditating, praying and trusting that God and the angels are watching out for me. Lately, I have just been feeling so touched by everything and almost everyone I meet. Life seems so magical these days!

Where have you felt the most in touch with your soul? This is a tie between two places: being near any body of water, and the bathroom. I have always been drawn to water of any sorts (ocean, lake, river, etc). Whenever I get a chance to go to Lake Erie, I feel so connected and grounded. I literally can sit and stare at it for hours, while thinking and sorting out life situations.

What about the bathroom you ask? Well, even as a little girl, I would love to shut myself in there, sit or lay on the floor and hide away from people or life. I loved that it was the one place that people could not just intrude into. It was and is a sanctuary to me. These days I do very little hiding in there (do have a few moments though, seeing that I have a very energetic, almost 5 year old), but lots of sitting on the ground, thinking, reading, meditating and praying. Especially the shower! My best ideas and conversations with myself, God and the angels, happen in there.

Who are the most soulful people you know? My Gran is one of the most amazing and strong people I know. She helped my mom to raise me, after my dad died. My Gran has always been there for me and has seen me at my very best and at my very worst. She has an unwavering faith that has seen her through so many challenging things in life. She is so wise and has been a rock to me. I have no regrets about our relationship and feel blessed that such a wonderful person is in my life.

My other soulful person is my daughter. My Morrigan Rose has challenged me in soooo many ways. She has a HUGE personality and can be quite stubborn! She is almost 5, yet has taught me so much for she is wise beyond her years. I am amazed at how she is so bold, open, friendly and fearless. Everywhere we go, she always makes a friend and because of her I have actually met several amazing people! She is a magical little being and I am thankful for her.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? My purpose for being here is to heal people with love, herbs, music/sound and healthy eating. I have started to really run into opportunities, people and situations that are allowing this purpose to begin express itself. I believe as I continue being more authentic and stay in gratitude for everything in my life that this will speed up and I will be fully doing what I was created to do!

I just want to encourage others out there to take chances, live fully! Be who you are and don't hide it, because you are depriving the world of something special and it is an insult to your Creator to be a false version of yourself. Life WILL and DOES flow as it should when you are who you are. People will come into your life who will truly, truly love you for being YOU!

Thank you Joe and Mali for choosing me to be featured—you guys are wonderful beings!