When do you feel your most soulful? Every minute of every day presents an opportunity to be in touch with one’s soul, but in certain moments it is easier to experience one's special spark because the flow is stronger and clearer. For me, those moments arise most frequently when I am out in nature hiking or kayaking, during meditation or yoga, when I am really “in the groove” writing, teaching or doing something creative, or when I am doing Reiki. While at these times and in the activities, I might be in the company of others, the fact that I am so fully engaged in and present in the moment that makes these activities and times so very soulful for me.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? In part, my soul’s purpose is mastering certain key lessons, including consistently walking in love, gratitude, and compassion, and then following through on certain core tasks, including being authentic to who I am and bringing my special light to the world. While these lessons and tasks sound like the simplest things in the world, they can, in fact, be challenging to practice every day—without fail, without exception. It is a work in progress, and every day is an opportunity for mastery.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? A soulful relationship, in my view, must be based on mutual respect, trust, and acceptance. While not every relationship may be described as “soulful,” every relationship can teach us something—or many “somethings”—about ourselves and what we need and want in a truly soulful relationship. Each relationship we have also allows us to practice how to be soulful in a relationship and how to become truly capable of and competent at having a genuinely soulful relationship. The bonus is, through all of this practice, we have the chance to become the best “self” that we can be. This, in turn, attracts such relationships to us.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. In my experience, true soul connections are not limited to connections with other people. I experienced a particularly deep soul connection with my first cat, who passed over a number of years ago. That incredible cat, a rescued marmalade tabby, whom I named Loki—after the Norse god of mischief—was a best friend, a loyal protector, and a constant companion in new adventures for years. He uncomplainingly moved with me from city to city. He was always happy to see me and to hang out with me. And he was the first to decide if anyone he didn’t know was “fit” company for the two of us. He made so many difficult transitions in my life bearable, and he asked so little in return—a little food, some water, to share my space, and a few daily scratches behind the ears.

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