Nikeeta says about this interview, "I took a long time to think and mull over these questions. Your questions have touched upon the very definition of my current life and my soul’s purpose. Strangely enough, in this current life, the pattern is such, that I’m forced to conclude, that, this life, is perhaps, some sort of conglomeration or convention for a reunion with all my soul mates. This has made every experience, even the very brief encounters with “strangers,” very intense and profound. People have always opened up to me, in their first meeting. I share very deep, soulful connections with practically everyone in my life. We may not be together, we may not meet often, yet the connections run deep."

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? I feel soulful connections have some level of recognition instantly. We basically learn from each other, our experience with each other, no matter how brief (like meeting at an airport) or impersonal (like my meeting you online) changes our perceptions. We evolve, we understand some aspect better, if nothing else, we begin to ask the right questions.

Soulful relationships always have a give and take; both people always give and receive and bring a balance to their karmic cycles, if they stop operating from egos and let unconditional love guide them. Soulful relationships also bring to the fore certain voids, patterns or emotional charges, which we need to work upon or release.

Our soul mates help us bring closures to issues we have been carrying over lifetimes, whereas meeting our twin flame steadies us and accelerates our journey on the path of our soul’s purpose. Twin flames may or may not stay with us permanently, but they live with us, once we’ve encountered them. They somehow make you feel stronger from inside, like you have an extra level of energy coming from a backup generator. If, for whatever reasons, twin flames live separate lives, every time they meet, a radical change occurs in their life and a new phase starts which becomes evident by the new situation you encounter.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. Right after my separation from my first husband, I took up a job. On the first day I met a boy/man. Our eyes met and there was a strange connection. Later he told me he felt it too. Our first conversation started as if we were in the middle of the conversation and had been interrupted. Within a month of meeting, we moved in together. We stayed together for three years… We didn’t get married, yet we turn to each other every once in a while, every parting, we somehow know is temporary, yet it feels like a physical tearing apart. We both are learning via different routes, yet come to similar understanding, around the same time. My biggest learning about self-dependence and about using all my understanding about love and metaphysics were put to the test in my relationship with him. Sometimes I feel he’s an exact male version of me.

When do you feel your most soulful? Whenever I’m studying, teaching or writing about metaphysics, I feel alive, I feel I’m doing what I’m meant to. I especially feel like that when I’m with my ex-boyfriend (my twin flame) and with my current husband (my soul mate of several lives).

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I always feel aligned with my soul and my higher self. In times of minor disruptions, I just close my eyes and re-establish the connection. However, this present house is where maximum contact happens….

Describe one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known. I honestly have experienced all people I encounter as very soulful. I keep my heart open to communication – the universe with me, I know they are but the medium for the message to come to me.

What do you feel is your soul’s purpose? I was born to experience, learn and to teach certain laws of metaphysics that affect the dynamic in our relationships. One day, when I had been meditating on my purpose in this lifetime, the message came loud and clear to me: ”Just be..." It has taken me several months to begin comprehending this message. The purpose is for my soul to relax—just be, not judge, nor explain, accept, learn, grow and love… just be…. The purpose of my soul on earth toward others is sharing from my experiences and understandings.

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