Tell us about a soul connection that you've experienced. I had a life-changing incident which changed the course of my life. I lost my right leg below the knee in a freak accident by a drunk driver, and all my dreams came crumbling down. A new family shifted next door and I had an instant soul connection with the baby boy, nine-month-old Batuluk. It was as if we had a mother-child relationship in our previous birth. There I was only 15 years, but I took charge of him as if I were his mother. The baby would totally ignore his own mother and spend the whole day with me. I would bathe him, feed him and lull him to sleep and send him home (against his will) at night.

He was like a little angel, and in caring for him I forgot my own pain. He came into my life at just the right moment, and in my darkest moment our soul connection helped me to delight in the simple ecstasy of a baby’s smile. Though I didn't have any blood connection with him, we became one when we were together. This connection created many of the happiest moments of my life.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. Watching Joyce Meyer giving her lively talk in ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ for the first time was a truly soul-opening moment of my life.

When do you feel your most soulful? In times of my greatest grief and in times of my greatest joy I feel the most soulful. When life knocks me down to my knees, I realize that's the best position to pray and my soul seeks solace from the Supreme Soul. I also feel at peace when I listen to soulful music, which brings tears to my soul.

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I feel most in touch with my soul in silence. Also being in the midst of nature, old monuments and places of worships (of all religions) brings me face to face with my soul.

Describe one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known. The universe conspired to put me in the same train cabin with Mr. ML Fotedar, who is now no more, when I was being transferred to a new location. It was a coincidence that he was a retired managing director of our company and settled there. It was as if we were father-daughter in a previous relationship. We just connected and he instantly invited me for lunch to his place. He was truly a soulful person who felt things very passionately and regretted that he didn't have this wisdom in his youth. We exchanged books of Deepak Chopra and had many lively conversations. He was a strong man who had no qualms showing his soft side and shedding tears when things moved him. Truly a soulful man.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? Though a soul connection happens in all dimensions—it can happen in different kinds of relationships—the basic ingredient is feeling at peace in each other's company and intuitively understanding each other. I would feel that a romantic soulmate relationship would be a relationship where both feel complete. It is a state where yin and yang is in total balance, two different souls, two different personalities blend together like water and sugar to become one. Lucky are the souls who find their soulmates, because like a jigsaw puzzle, everything falls into place. There is mutual love, respect and wonder for each other and gratefulness for finding each other. I have always believed in soulmates and am still waiting patiently for the time when my right moment will come.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I think my soul’s purpose is to know God. Since childhood I always felt a vacuum in my heart; I felt all this I see around me is not the real world. I felt there is something more to life. I feel my soul’s purpose is to realize that ‘It's only God which matters in this world’. To go back to that original state of innocence, where we were one with God, is the ultimate purpose of all of us.