Describe a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. There are two deep soul connections that I have experienced.

One with my first love. We were madly in love. Didn't really know what was true and unconditional love. Just the glitz and glamour of the romantic novels, movies, real life teen couples around me. At this juncture, I had experienced the most soulful relationship of my life, my first love. All was going superb just like a match made in heaven…

But how long could a relationship stand wherein the roots were two unenlightened souls, unaccepting of themselves? It just could not blossom. Then all the problems started cropping up. I became an insomniac, with a body full of bad health due to lost love.

Then God sent an angel for me.

Now my bestie: Kanika Khera. She uplifted me from this broken relationship and it took 2 years for me to get out of that hurt. She was my medicine and enlightened me about how actually this world and its people function. For the first time I felt, YES, I can make a fresh start. THE MOST SOULFUL CONNECTION was just happening with me . She took care of me and transformed me into a totally new person, full of vitality and POSITIVITY.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. My most soul-opening moment was when, after suffering from a debilitating slipped disc (which happened I guess because of my stuck emotional patterns of not being sure about my relationship with him), I realized that all these problems are because of my thought patterns—AND now I have changed, rather transformed myself into a positive being and health patterns are just very good.

When do you feel your most soulful? I feel the most soulful when i meditate and connect to that infinitely beautiful cloud of white light.

Where do you feel the most in touch with your own soul? I have felt the most in touch with my own soul when people appreciate my positivity. It actually takes a lot to transform one’s purely negative thoughts into purely positive ones. I really feel GOOD when I see that I've discovered my real self!

Who is the most soulful person you know? My dad. He started working at the age of 16. With no support at all, business down into losses, he worked day and night and with his hard work now he owns a very big empire of luggage business. The best in town. He hardly rests, and has dedicated his life to the family. He’s never been selfish—just SERVICE SERVICE and MORE of it.

What qualities does a soulful relationship has? One that allows both to be just themselves, unconditional love, purity, compassion, trust and CARE.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I have always been a guiding light to others. Whenever I see anyone in pain, I go running to them and want to see the happy. I FEEL that I've come here to spread awareness and positivity.

I want everyone to realize the presence of that MASTER and keep spreading smiles, love and light everywhere.