Tell us about a deep soul connection you have experienced. It was a relationship that I had with a man many, many, years ago. There was something about him that I had to find out… I wanted to be with him—and I didn’t even know him! Our relationship went on for many years but then came to an end. I was devastated as I truly was in love with him and thought we would be together forever. It took many years to get over this… I can look back now and understand why it didn’t work out. But I will never regret the relationship as it was the first time that I knew what being in love was all about. I haven’t experienced this wonderful love since then, but know I will again!

What was one of your most soul-opening moments? I was outside on a beautiful sunny day and just felt so in tuned to Nature and the Universe! I had a smile on my face that I couldn’t remove… I decided to take a picture of a sunflower with me, as we had sunflowers in our garden. When I took the picture I literally felt that I WAS the sunflower: I could feel its energy and it could feel mine. It was quite the experience! I love to be outside as much as I can… talking to the Universe and enjoying God’s beautiful nature!

When do you feel your most soulful? When I turn up the music and dance, dance, dance! They say that music soothes the soul and it certainly does that and then some for mine! Music has always been a part of my life when I was young and now with my family. Some songs remind me of past memories with special people, and then there are those love songs that you fantasize about with a potential friend and/or lover.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? At a state park that I have been going to since I was young—a beautiful park with rolling falls and nature trails. This place holds many fond memories. I’m so glad that I live close by to be able to go often as we can with my girls and tell them them of all the fun times that I had there with my sisters. Being in tune with nature really tunes you into your soul and that is why I feel so relaxed and at peace when I am there. Listening to the water and hearing families talking and laughing—it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Describe some of the most soulful people you have known. Well, honestly, it wasn’t until I was told about this site called—oh yeah—The Soulmate Experience where I have met countless beautiful souls: genuine loving souls that touch your heart and soul through words, beautiful inspirations, and a true sense that they care about you and that we are all in this journey together. Treating you as you are… accepting you as you are with no questions, no judging… opening their heart and soul to you and asking nothing in return. It completely amazes me and I am so blessed to be able to call them friends!

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? To be genuine and true to myself. Not to be afraid to express myself in all that I do. To love all that I can. To connect with other souls, sharing our thoughts and passions… The Soulmate Experience is a big part of my soul as I am learning more about myself and am so happy to share my soul with others who like me—all on this incredible journey of soulmate happiness and love!