We’re thrilled to be featured speakers at the 2012 Awakened Relationships Seminar series featuring 12 top experts giving highly focused, no-nonsense information on how to have loving, connected relationships. 

From our presentation on March 28 at 8 pm EST, you’ll come away with techniques you can use to:

  • Transform destructive expectations into simple, loving invitations
  • Dissolve resentments and regrets
  • Harness the energy of jealousy to infuse your relationship with passion and desire
  • Play a relationship version of leapfrog to help each other rise above perceived limitations and open up to your potential in every area of your lives
  • Energize your sexual connection by breaking through limiting beliefs you’ve been holding about yourselves
  • Keep your relationship exciting by “playing at the edges”

This seminar series is normally priced at $39. As our special guest, attend this seminar for free. Just go to www.awakenedrelationships.com/soulmate and put MJ0329SE in the discount box.

We're looking forward to meeting you there!