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How Healthy Spirituality Could Be the Key to Lesser Stress

May 25, 2016

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Our mental state is as important as the condition of our body. It is all too easy to distinguish a person beleaguered by high-tension surroundings because no matter how this problem is of mental in nature, this is easily manifested as well through our physical appearance. Our body can very well go through the pain of everyday grind, and rest and medication conveniently become readily available for us and you will be back in prime condition in no time. Our body is more adaptable to strain that it has to go through; though it is of importance that precautions are observed in ensuring that the pain threshold can be used to at least alarm us on when we ought to be getting treatment for it.

Stress or mental fatigue, however, is a different kind of monster. When hit by it, it appears to change the direction by which you have set things in life as a routine. Some even blame it for putting a stop on their charge. Stress not only affects somebody’s behavior, it also ruins one’s capacity for objective decision-making. Stress could easily wear you from the inside out too! Too much of it always lead to a lingering agony that in turn affects a lot of our functions internally and externally. The overwhelming anguish of someone stressed out also has some lethal implications and by the numbers, it already has triggered a lot of those untimely deaths.

Stress is too complicated to handle. While stress can be viewed in more ways as a challenge to one’s ability to overcome it, stress has been the major cause for an individual’s fall to ignominy. Until we can somehow figure it out, it can discourage us from trying out things that could improve us. We might settle for things of little stake—afraid of what the pressure might ruin inside of us.

But it’s not like we can get rid of stress in our everyday living! The more we bulkstress!ed up in terms of knowledge, the more we give our brains a huge deal of responsibilities to attend to. Our mind holds much of this information ergo it gets more prone to mental strains. This is why learning the ability to expand our spirituality or exploring more our inner zen allows us to nurture such side in battling stress. Again, there’s no way we can get rid of it, but managing it could help us calm from the inside, keep our acts together and stay focus and basically, be less destructive by allowing the stress to get the best of us.

Calm and collected people are usually the type of people that thrive with pressure and with much resolve. Recent studies regarding spirituality proved to be the key in battling mental fatigue. “Spiritual care” has become a household term for many experts linking spirituality to scientific methods in battling stress. Harnessing the causality of our spiritual self has led many psychic experts to come up with methods, like psychic session, in developing spirituality from each and every individual so we can very well deal with the pressure of our daily grind. The synergy between mind and body can be very well improved through the advanced methods of psychic professionals or experts through educating us about the dynamics and significance of exploring our spirituality.

Having a healthy spirituality positively impacts the soul and the body in ways that are transcending and out of the ordinary—it is like figuring out the kryptonite to every super stress there is to face. The notion that spirituality is only relatable to being secularly involved has been debunked a long time ago so spirituality is for everybody else—religious or not! And this is me saying stress is universal and there’s no escaping it. Stress is unavoidable and quite frankly, the lesser you become entangled with stressful things, it could only mean that you only get engaged in less-significant stuff.

calm!Having said all of that, the meaningful way of getting my message across is to elicit a debate or argument that is healthy and engaging. Perhaps, a lot of you deals with life’s pressures rather differently and would lend their unsolicited tips in fighting the dreaded disease of stress. What doesn’t kill us, as they say, could only make us stronger and we’d rather become strong than fall victim of the stress’s deathly rampage. Feel free to comment your thoughts here.

Images by Jean Pierre Gallot and Keon Cabral used under Creative Commons license.

Five Minutes of Bliss

May 27, 2015

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Most people we know, including ourselves, encounter seemingly endless stressful situations in their lives—from work, to health, to family and friends, to global issues and crises. More accurately, the situations themselves aren't stressful, but our perception of them—the ways in which we think about and react to them—produces feelings of stress in us.

If you're a regular meditator, you know the power of meditation to soothe the mind and calm the body. If you don't meditate, you've probably thought from time to time that you "should" try it, because you've heard how it can help make life feel a lot less stressful.

The question usually comes down to this: How can we find the time to meditate in our already overloaded lives?

Here's a new idea—and one that makes positive use of your cell phone:

Set your phone's timer to 5 minutes. (This feature usually comes with the pre-installed alarm or stopwatch app, or download a free timer app.) For the alarm, choose the most pleasant sound available on your phone.

timer appNow, whenever you have a few minutes during the day—maybe in the morning before leaving the house, or while waiting for a meeting to begin—start your timer. This gives you 5 minutes to let go. You don't need to think about how much time has passed or when you should end your meditation; just let your phone take care of that for you.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, following the breath as it flows in and out of your body. Feel the chair or floor supporting you; know that it will be there this whole time to support you.

Now, listen. Listen for anything that sounds sweet, or calm, or soothing. Even if there are lots of other sounds around, listen very alertly for sounds that have a calming quality: the wind, a bird singing, leaves rustling, the sound of your own breath or heartbeat. If thoughts come in during your "5 minutes of bliss" (and they most likely will!), just notice them, without following them or holding onto them, and refocus your attention on any peaceful or soothing sounds you hear.

When the timer goes off, open your eyes, turn it off, and notice the difference in your state of mind. And know that your timer will be there for you anytime you have a few minutes to tune back into you.

If you liked this little exercise, our book 52 Prescriptions for Happiness offers several more rejuvenating "mini meditations" that will calm your body and mind in a matter of minutes.

Mali Apple & Joe Dunn

Thank you for being here! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and The Soulmate Lover.

To Mom

March 30, 2015

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Dear Mom,

You may have left your tired and withered body today, but I feel you all around me.Doris Adah

You live on in the stained-glass mirror that reflects the morning light streaming in through the bathroom window. Your ability to take on and quickly master new art forms was remarkable.

You live on in my love for nuances of the English language, clean lines in architecture and furniture, and well-written books.

You live on in my disdain for illogical rules, inefficient procedures, and pointless societal expectations.

You live on in brother #1's guitar playing, brother #2's keen intelligence, and brother #3's love of music. The influences you've had, both genetic and otherwise, on each of us—and on each of your four grandchildren—are numerous and profound.

Chris CarmichaelYou were a child prodigy, a musical genius, and a crossword puzzle virtuoso. I will never forget how we wouldn't let you declare a win in Trivial Pursuit until you'd answered all six questions on your card correctly.

You live on in my belief that I can do anything.

I'm happy you don't live on in my kitchen, or at least I'd like to believe that. God love you, Mom, but your cooking was truly awful.

Mom you were, and are, one of a kind.

Love always,

Your daughter


Why We Haven’t Read a Book on Sex in Over a Decade

February 25, 2015

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As relationship coaches and authors of books on relationships, people often give us recommendations for other books, blogs, and movies on relationships that they have enjoyed. But for the 11 years we've been together, and the 8 years we've been writing books together, we've never once read any of these books or seen a single one of these movies. Why?

Very early on in our relationship, we knew there was a purpose behind our meeting each other. There was something we were meant to do together. For a long time, we didn't know exactly what that was. So we just kept trusting, following along wherever our passion led us.

Our conversations—which were intense and meaningful and fascinating from the very first email—only grew deeper and more intriguing over time. As an editor by profession, and a lifelong book lover who always knew one day I would write my own, I took notes. Lots and lots of notes. Eventually I bought a voice recorder, because the ongoing conversations we were having kept growing more and more fascinating, and I had an insatiable desire to capture many of the ideas we were exploring and revelations we were uncovering.

Those endless pages of notes, and hundreds of hours of recordings, eventually became the initial manuscript for our first book, The Soulmate Experience. As we wrote chapter after chapter, and met with our wonderful review group to hear about their reactions and to further explore our ideas, we eventually realized we had too much information for one book. So we set aside some of the "spicier" ideas—ideas that became the starting point for our our first book's sequel, The Soulmate Lover.

All this while, we have felt "guided" to do this work. The more we open to each other, the more we explore relationships and sexuality and spirituality between the two of us, the more we work with others to implement our discoveries in their own lives, the more fervently the material "comes through" us.

Upon the publication of our new book, though, something has shifted. Suddenly I feel okay about reading what others in the field have written. In fact, I'm feeling quite passionate about it. Our ideas are already set on paper and circulating out in the world, so I no longer have the feeling that our in-process work will be influenced by reading that of other writers. So for the last few weeks, I've been thoroughly enjoying discovering what others in the field have to say, how they are grappling with the issues of keeping relationships alive and connected.

she comes firstIn that spirit, I bought Joe a book a couple of weeks ago that I knew he was just going to love, She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. This happens to be a topic he already knows a lot about (lucky me!), and one he is quite passionate about. I ordered the book through one of our local bookstores, as I believe in supporting bookshops as inviting places to discover new ideas, meet our community, and engage our imaginations.

When we went to pick up the book, the bookseller smiled knowingly as he placed it in our hands.

We both smiled back. It was a sweet, delicious secret to be sharing with a stranger.

As we walked out of the shop, he called after us: "Have fun with that!"

We most certainly will…

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you for being here! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and The Soulmate Lover.

A Story of a Soul Connection: Jo & Ron

October 30, 2014

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Though not a couple in the romantic sense, Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson write novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry together (through the pen name The Lazuli Portals) and definitely share what we consider a "soul connection." The core themes woven through their novels are spiritual awakening, synchronicities, crystals, friendship, developing intuition, and the incredible power of universal energy and unconditional love. They also explore other related areas of the paranormal.

How did you meet, and how did you know that this relationship was unique?

Ron: Jo became a partner, then wife, of a long-term friend, known through the MG Owners Club. I think we first met at a camping rally and got talking when Jo was not feeling too well. We discussed 'healing' (the only word I had then) and I offered support.

Unique, well yes. Walt (Jo's husband) knew of my... shall we say ‘flirtatious’ manner. However, having a woman as a friend has allowed me to find new areas of me that were probably hidden, made me more open?

Jo: I’ve always sensed very early on when a relationship is going to be important to me (including the one with my husband!) but in this case I was a bit wary. The sense of connection, of already having known one another for years (rather than minutes), was both overpowering and confusing – at least for me!

I also felt that having a male friend might be a bit ‘risky’ – I didn’t understand back then that men and women could be close without romantic complications, that there could be a different ‘purpose’ for ‘soul connections’. (I didn’t know about soul connections back then, either!)

So despite both feeling ‘strongly connected’ we proceeded cautiously, and it took some time before we felt confident enough to be in touch more often.

Jo & RonDo you feel that you're connected on a soul level?

Ron: Soul: now I have thought long and hard about my understanding of that word. Between a symbiosis of a continual energy force and a body, through to a religious connotation, and on to an entity created by self-awareness. So I cannot really answer, because I do not fully understand the term. But we accepted each other from day one and trust each other. There is a connection beyond that of ‘normal’ which allows us both to be very happily married to our partners and maintain a strong working and 'emotional' connection.

Jo: Absolutely. On a personal level we’re best friends, while on a professional level we’re writing and business partners. I don’t really know how to describe our soul connection beyond that, except to say that there’s an instinctive understanding that it’s ‘right’, valuable, and worth protecting. We invest in it, work at it, take care of it.

What is one of the most meaningful experiences you've had together?

Ron: Probably discussing our varying understandings of Redfield's book The Celestine Prophecy; it really led to everything else, including our own books!

Jo: Yes, the shared journey of reading and discussing The Celestine Prophecy, and its sequels. Learning about energy, synchronicity, control dramas, and unconditional love (like the acceptance and love we offer family and pets) has been life-changing. These have been core themes in our own novels. That learning continues, of course (therefore so will the novels!).

How do you feel that you or your readers benefit from your relationship?

Ron: Do we benefit? (Joke, Jo!) To have someone at hand to bounce ideas off and know you will get an honest response with no agenda issues is invaluable. Ask Jo about agendas. :-)

Jo: Our very different life experiences and approaches have made for some interesting “discussions” (!) and also some powerful energetic shifts on a personal level. Our connection also includes a lot of mutual support, and fun.

As for our writing, I believe we have a synthesis that enhances what we write individually. The whole is better than the sum of its constituent parts! And our joint interest and experiences in energy healing and the metaphysical lends itself well to crafting our visionary fiction novels, which are intended to entertain as well as empower and enlighten. Not that we plan them: it’s more like tuning in and downloading, at least for the first draft! ;)

What was that about agendas, Ron? Did you mention spreadsheets and task lists, too? Yes, I like to be organised. Collaborating on long-term creative projects when you live 30 miles apart can be an interesting process, especially with Ron having such a busy lifestyle, and me having ongoing health issues. :)

Do you feel that you have a shared purpose for being together?

Ron: To wind each other up with no recrimination? Sorry – it must be to get our ideas into our books, and read and hopefully used to empower.

Jo: That’s a definitive Yes!

Synchronicity brought us to that car rally, and Ron’s healing support deepened my budding interest in subtle energies. Initially this led to my first Reiki attunement, then later I started my own business focusing on serving others with Reiki and energy healing. It changed my life – and would soon offer me a soul-driven direction for my writing.

I had a burning desire (overpowering need) to craft stories, to write novels – but lacked focus.

As my friendship with Ron progressed, and we read The Celestine Prophecy series, worked with subtle energies, and discussed the metaphysical, I suddenly found that focus. Feeling incredibly inspired, and with Ron’s encouragement, I wrote Chapter One of what would become The Cordello Quest. After reading it, Ron emailed me back, demanding that I write more.

What a moment that was! And how synchronistically our experiences came together at that point (November 2010). Fusing storytelling with love and light and spiritual growth was exactly what my soul needed, and had been waiting for. We’ve written as a duo ever since.

I feel writing in the genre that we do really needs passion as its fuel, and trust and openness as its foundation. That needs a soul connection, in my view.

What challenge have you faced together?

Ron: Just together and remaining very good friends is challenging enough!

Jo: I agree! Being best friends and business partners is a double challenge in itself, but when that business involves a creative process as well, then there is definitely some potential for ‘difficulty’! That’s where the foundation of ‘unconditional acceptance’ (what some would label ‘unconditional love’) becomes so important. It gives you the confidence to be fully open and honest with one another, and to work through all the issues that inevitably arise, knowing that you’ll weather the storm and come out smiling.

What are you each learning from your relationship right now?

Ron: That learning never stops?!

Jo: That learning never stops! Oh, Ron’s already said that! ;)

Greater compassion, understanding, and patience. A deeper trust in the unfolding flow of Life.

What advice can you offer other others who work or have a business together?

Ron: Find your own balance, trust and be open.

Jo: Good advice – and those can all take time. There may be bumps along the way, but have faith in your connection and your purpose, and you’ll keep making progress, and hopefully continue to serve and empower others as you do.

Is there anything else about your relationship that you'd like to share with us?

Ron: Really just how much we appreciate Walter's and Maureen's (our spouses) understanding in giving us the time they do.

Jo: So very true. We couldn’t write and publish what we do without their understanding and support. Thanks, Walt and Mo!

Learn more about The Lazuli Portals through their website, blogAmazon, and Twitter. Download their free ebook Crystal, Fire and Water.

The Lazuli Portal books

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, Jo and Ron, for sharing your friendship with us! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.


How We Write Together: Two Voices Become One

October 26, 2014

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We’re often asked what it’s like to write books together. One of the most amazing aspects of the writing process, for us, is how our two very different voices come together to create "our" voice.

Typically, we begin by having many conversations exploring a particular idea. Eventually I go off and write up a first draft. I’m very left brained, very logical and linear, and tend to write like a college professor. The ideas may be great, but they often come out sounding like a duck penned them.

Then it's Joe's turn to read the piece. Joe is more right brained; he doesn’t so much think about the meaning behind the words as feel it, feels for the heart or the essence of what we're trying to convey, then allows the right words to come up to express those feelings. His changes often "soften" the presentation, making things just flow more easily. Then we read the piece together, edit, and read it again, usually many times over a period of weeks or months (really!), making small adjustments to the wording each time, learning a bit more about the idea by trying it ourselves (again!) and sharing it with others who try it too, until we feel the piece expresses exactly what we'd like it to, and in a way that flows.

Here’s a little sample of wording changes that came from Joe. This is a piece that will be in our new chapter "Sex and the Practice of Being Present." This section explores how to practice presence with your lover while giving (or receiving!) a sensual massage. Notice how he suggested changing the phrase "create a romantic mood" to the much lovelier "add a little romance". Even more importantly, he noted that we were getting to the massage too quickly, and suggested the couple "Take a moment to connect" before beginning.


This next one is another example of how my original draft morphed into the final piece that will appear in the book. Here is what we started with:

Heart Grow Fonder original

The lovely new title and the idea of moving from the "bitter" side of bittersweet and towards the "sweet" side both came through Joe:

heartgrowfonderfinal USE

To us, our styles feel like they were meant to go together. It's certainly clear that neither of us could write these books alone. Mine would come out sounding like sleep-inducing technical manuals, and Joe’s would end up being a few sweet words scribbled on some scraps of paper that would float away on the wind when he went off to go for a swim.

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you for being here! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.


A Woman with Soul: Linda van der Kwast

September 24, 2014

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

I once met this man and from the first moment I looked at him I felt a real connection. It felt like something opened in me. At the time I didn’t quite understand what happened. We met several times and every time we saw each other it was great.

Afterwards I started to think about what happened and I wondered why I was so different when I was with him: “Who was that women that I saw?” I really didn’t recognize myself, I was open, I talked about myself (which normally I didn’t do). I was more myself then I had ever been.

Shortly after that I sensed “this is the person who is going to tear down all my walls”. And that was exactly what happened, but not always in the nicest way… I was confronted with each and every one of my limitations and beliefs. Oh, I wish I could have read your book back then. Perhaps things would have worked out differently. I lost the connection and that is something I still regret. We both made mistakes. But I can still see he is a great guy and I am a great woman, only we weren’t ready for each other.

I think I needed this experience to truly open up and become myself. Because not only all my walls (which I had been building over decades) were torn down; it also awakened my intuition. From that moment on all my senses were heightened and I was clairvoyant. It was just like somebody pulled a switch: suddenly it was there. It took me several years to learn to manage this. At first I found it difficult to separate my feelings and the ones I felt from other persons. Luckily I entered a training where I learned all about intuition and how to deal with this. Now I can see it as gift that I can use to help other people.

Linda van der KwastWhen do you feel your most soulful?

Every one-on-one conversation I have with a person feels soulful. I am not my best in large groups, especially because I take in a lot of energies from my surroundings. I prefer one-on-one conversations. I find that when you really can be yourself and show yourself (even if it is just a smile or a short conversation) it invites the other person to do this as well, and the most amazing meetings can take place.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul?

That is easy: the sea is my home! Well, not actually because I live a 2 hours’ drive away from it, but it feels like home. Just to be able to stand with my bare feet in the water, eyes closed and to feel! The warmth of the sun on my face, the sound of the waves crushing on the beach, the smell of the sea and to feel the breeze; that is all I need. At such a moment I just Am. In busy periods I really need to have these kinds of moments to release built-up energies and to take in new energy. That just happens when my feet touch seawater. (The photo was taken at Zandvoort, the Netherlands).Zandvoort (the Netherlands)

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

Forgiveness. For others as well for yourself. We are all here to learn and to find our true selves. And to do that we try things and we sometimes make mistakes and we learn from them. If only we could understand this, in all relationships (love, friendship, family, work). We so easily judge and reject each other when things are not going the way we think they should go. But we are all different persons and have different things to learn. Each one of us has our own path to walk. Which doesn’t mean that because it’s different from yours, it’s wrong. If we just could accept each other and help each other along, it would make such a difference.

To be able to be yourself in any relationship and to know that the other person sees you and accepts you as you are, with your nice qualities and the things that are not so nice, that is really a soulful relationship.

And second, being open, honest and vulnerable. Don’t hide things from each other, but learn to open up and talk about what you’re experiencing. I know, first hand, that sometimes it’s scary, but please try. Every relationship is worth it.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

I think it is to help other people. With my intuition, my experience and my knowledge. During one of my walks earlier this year I suddenly felt that I needed to start writing. So I started my blog, Every week I write a short story about something I learned or experienced.

Linda van der Kwast If you’ve read The Soulmate Experience, what ideas or suggestions have been most useful to you?

I think every chapter in the book does that for me. The Soulmate Experience is such an affirmation of all the things I’ve learned over the past years.

The most important thing I’ve learned is to see your life and the things you experience in a different way. Try to go with the flow and accept things as they are, instead of resisting them. That doesn’t mean agree with them, but to face them. We sometimes look at our experiences or the people we meet as obstacles. And we tend to wallow in our emotions and point our fingers at the other one. I know I did. But from these challenging moments we can learn so much. They serve as mirrors to help us see where we have limited ourselves and where we can grow. If you face these challenges and really allow yourself to feel the fear and insecurity that is hidden inside of you, you can overcome so much and really change your life and be who you truly are. I know. I did.

The butterfly is a metaphor for transformation. But it also is a symbol of freedom to me, the freedom to be yourself. Blue is the color of the 5th chakra. It is the area of your throat, of communication and self-expression. You can be a butterfly, but you are asked to show this to the world as well!

With my blog, The Blue Butterfly, I hope to help people face their challenges and to inspire them to discover who they really are, so they can show themselves to the world. I truly believe that this butterfly exists in all of us, we are all meant to be free to be ourselves. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. My stories on the website are in Dutch and English.

Thank you Mali and Joe for asking me to share my experiences with you and your readers.

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, Linda, for being so self-revealing so that we may learn through your loving example! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.

Men Have Souls Too!

September 17, 2014

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A man we've been coaching was finding himself often feeling anxious and frustrated with the challenges in his life. We asked him to make a list of things that help him to reconnect with himself, so that he would have them as reminders whenever he could use them.

When we shared his list, the first one that appears below, a woman from the Middle East was deeply touched. She said she knew of no man in her country who would be so revealing. In her honor, we are pleased to share more such lists from some very soulful men we know.

What is on your list? 

Ron Nurture Soul

The original list

Santanu Nurture Soul

Santanu Pani


Jim Sharon, author of Secrets of a Soulful Marriage


Joel Young of Non-Personal Awareness


Joe Dunn, coauthor of The Soulmate Experience


Warren Talbot of Married with Luggage

ereTobin Giblin

Tobin Giblin of Integrated Life Counseling



Sanjay Patel



Scott Dehn, of



Mike Pas


Sid Hutter


Robert Frye

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, all you amazing men, for your beautiful examples of what it means to be "soulful." ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.

A Love Story: Michee & Tracey

September 14, 2014

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Michelle Williams (Michee) is a life coach and health coach who helps clients lose weight, overcome low self-esteem, find their life’s purpose, set up their business, and fulfill their artistic and creative potential. She is also a writer, blogger, poet, avid cyclist, partner of the brilliant jazz musician Tracey LaRoy Kirk out of Chicago, and last but by no means least, mum to two beautiful grown-up children. Learn more about Michee at and join her on twitter at @MicheeSSI.   

michelle and tracey

I’ll start with this wonderful quote by Maya Angelou:

“Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life.”

For me, my partner Tracey is the visible manifestation brought forth from this invisible force as the soul connection in to my life. I think about us as two souls divinely ordained. A beautiful, special connection and bond on all levels. Not a perfect person but perfect for me in every way.

My best friend who appreciates the multidimensional facets of my being. He sees my strength but also sees my vulnerabilities. He sees my confidence but sees how delicate and sensitive I am too.

I also see him in his entirety. And I accept him for who he is and enjoy the unfolding of the person he is destined to become.

Our soul connection is so many things but what I enjoy mostly is that it allows me to be me. I can be sexy, sassy, successful, feminine, free-spirited, courageous, creative and loved for who I am. Not someone else’s interpretation of who they “think” I should be, or where I should or shouldn’t fit, but a healthy celebration and acceptance of me.

I feel most soulful when I am with Tracey. He creates a space for me to feel safe, always. I never worry about him compromising me in any way. He is funny and makes me laugh with his really silly jokes. He knows just how to put a smile on my face.

Being together makes me feel youthful. Even though we are both over 48 years of age, when I look at him I see a youthful energy, a playfulness that flows effortlessly.

When we are out together, he constantly holds my hand and gently kisses it periodically as if to reassure me that my place is permanently reserved on his pedestal, way up in the sky!

A soulful connection between the sheets goes way beyond sex. With him, it feels like two souls making love to the pulsating rhythm of passion itself. Our mind, body and soul perfectly in sync. It is as though he is tuned in to my body’s desires and knows how to satisfy me with every touch and caress.

And after making love, he gently wraps his strong arms around me like he ain’t never letting me go. And I know in my heart, he ain’t never letting me go!

I am soulful with him because we share and bare ourselves intimately. We talk about everything from politics to past relationships, from evolution to deep emotions. We’re okay to be naked and vulnerable, to be afraid, to open old wounds, to explore possibilities and to define our world with each other’s love placed firmly at its core.

I am his angel, he is my shield. I am his shoulder, he is my pillow, so fluffy and soft that I could just melt into him forever!


Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, Michee, for sharing your soulmate experience with us—we are inspired by your example of what a truly soulful connection is all about! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.