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A Woman with Soul: Linda van der Kwast

September 24, 2014

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

I once met this man and from the first moment I looked at him I felt a real connection. It felt like something opened in me. At the time I didn’t quite understand what happened. We met several times and every time we saw each other it was great.

Afterwards I started to think about what happened and I wondered why I was so different when I was with him: “Who was that women that I saw?” I really didn’t recognize myself, I was open, I talked about myself (which normally I didn’t do). I was more myself then I had ever been.

Shortly after that I sensed “this is the person who is going to tear down all my walls”. And that was exactly what happened, but not always in the nicest way… I was confronted with each and every one of my limitations and beliefs. Oh, I wish I could have read your book back then. Perhaps things would have worked out differently. I lost the connection and that is something I still regret. We both made mistakes. But I can still see he is a great guy and I am a great woman, only we weren’t ready for each other.

I think I needed this experience to truly open up and become myself. Because not only all my walls (which I had been building over decades) were torn down; it also awakened my intuition. From that moment on all my senses were heightened and I was clairvoyant. It was just like somebody pulled a switch: suddenly it was there. It took me several years to learn to manage this. At first I found it difficult to separate my feelings and the ones I felt from other persons. Luckily I entered a training where I learned all about intuition and how to deal with this. Now I can see it as gift that I can use to help other people.

Linda van der KwastWhen do you feel your most soulful?

Every one-on-one conversation I have with a person feels soulful. I am not my best in large groups, especially because I take in a lot of energies from my surroundings. I prefer one-on-one conversations. I find that when you really can be yourself and show yourself (even if it is just a smile or a short conversation) it invites the other person to do this as well, and the most amazing meetings can take place.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul?

That is easy: the sea is my home! Well, not actually because I live a 2 hours’ drive away from it, but it feels like home. Just to be able to stand with my bare feet in the water, eyes closed and to feel! The warmth of the sun on my face, the sound of the waves crushing on the beach, the smell of the sea and to feel the breeze; that is all I need. At such a moment I just Am. In busy periods I really need to have these kinds of moments to release built-up energies and to take in new energy. That just happens when my feet touch seawater. (The photo was taken at Zandvoort, the Netherlands).Zandvoort (the Netherlands)

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

Forgiveness. For others as well for yourself. We are all here to learn and to find our true selves. And to do that we try things and we sometimes make mistakes and we learn from them. If only we could understand this, in all relationships (love, friendship, family, work). We so easily judge and reject each other when things are not going the way we think they should go. But we are all different persons and have different things to learn. Each one of us has our own path to walk. Which doesn’t mean that because it’s different from yours, it’s wrong. If we just could accept each other and help each other along, it would make such a difference.

To be able to be yourself in any relationship and to know that the other person sees you and accepts you as you are, with your nice qualities and the things that are not so nice, that is really a soulful relationship.

And second, being open, honest and vulnerable. Don’t hide things from each other, but learn to open up and talk about what you’re experiencing. I know, first hand, that sometimes it’s scary, but please try. Every relationship is worth it.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

I think it is to help other people. With my intuition, my experience and my knowledge. During one of my walks earlier this year I suddenly felt that I needed to start writing. So I started my blog, Every week I write a short story about something I learned or experienced.

Linda van der Kwast If you’ve read The Soulmate Experience, what ideas or suggestions have been most useful to you?

I think every chapter in the book does that for me. The Soulmate Experience is such an affirmation of all the things I’ve learned over the past years.

The most important thing I’ve learned is to see your life and the things you experience in a different way. Try to go with the flow and accept things as they are, instead of resisting them. That doesn’t mean agree with them, but to face them. We sometimes look at our experiences or the people we meet as obstacles. And we tend to wallow in our emotions and point our fingers at the other one. I know I did. But from these challenging moments we can learn so much. They serve as mirrors to help us see where we have limited ourselves and where we can grow. If you face these challenges and really allow yourself to feel the fear and insecurity that is hidden inside of you, you can overcome so much and really change your life and be who you truly are. I know. I did.

The butterfly is a metaphor for transformation. But it also is a symbol of freedom to me, the freedom to be yourself. Blue is the color of the 5th chakra. It is the area of your throat, of communication and self-expression. You can be a butterfly, but you are asked to show this to the world as well!

With my blog, The Blue Butterfly, I hope to help people face their challenges and to inspire them to discover who they really are, so they can show themselves to the world. I truly believe that this butterfly exists in all of us, we are all meant to be free to be ourselves. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. My stories on the website are in Dutch and English.

Thank you Mali and Joe for asking me to share my experiences with you and your readers.

Mali Apple & Joe DunnThank you, Linda, for being so self-revealing so that we may learn through your loving example! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love.

A Woman with Soul: Zully Bartley

July 21, 2014

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

Truthfully, the deepest soul connection I have ever had was with my ex-husband, back when we first met. That first time of both connecting felt as if the missing piece of a puzzle had been found. We stayed married for 18 years.

What was one of the most soul-opening moments of your life?

This was when each of my children were born, as I held them in my arms and saw the beauty of the part I had in creating them. To this day I stand in awe of each of their accomplishments.


When do you feel your most soulful?

I believe this would have to be with my own self, when I get home from work and take quiet time to read (poetry/stories) by others or to write my poetry or my own writings. I also take time to be with nature on walks and take photos of the most miniscule things and make them beautiful from my eye view.

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul?

The ocean! I have always said I must have been one of Poseidon's daughters. The beach and ocean have always called me by name. I love seashells and sea glass.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known?

I would have to say my mother. She is a loving and giving soul to everyone!

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

I believe it would have unconditional love, respect and forgiveness. We as humans are not perfect, we will make mistakes throughout our lives. If you have these qualities in the relationship, then more then likely you will be together for the long haul.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

My soul purpose I believe is to have women believe in themselves, that they are worthy to be, even without a man. So many think that they are nobody unless they are in a relationship, even a bad one. What I am doing today is taking control of my own life one step at a time with my writing, which is in edit stages on my first book, as well as getting my poetry self published. I have an etsy store with a few of my photos and art. I also create jewelry, which I have sold.

What idea or suggestion from the The Soulmate Experience have been the most useful to you?

You talk about changing your beliefs that change your experience. I grew up with a low self-image because of my weight, which after seeing pictures of me in my teens a few years back I was like "Wow I was not fat! I actually was pretty slim." My mind held all those words people said to me of weight, so my self-image was tarnished. No more as I have changed those beliefs and experiences to knowing I am beautiful as I am!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I am working with an online makeup sales company, geared mostly to the young. So I decided to start a blog for women over 50, Beauty Beyond 50, since I am one also. I also have a poetry blog that includes some of my own photos, an etsy store, and am on twitter at @zoegem. I paint, draw, create jewelry (necklaces and bracelets) and write every day or night. I love nature walks, I love to travel and meet new people. I hope to meet many more of my friends I have made online someday soon. There are still many dreams waiting for fruition.

Thank you, Zully, for being a beautiful example of learning to love who you are. ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love


A Woman with Soul: Deb O’Brien

June 11, 2014

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Deb3Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. Eighteen years ago while attending my 20-year high school reunion, I reunited with my friend Laura. We had not seen each other or spoke to each since high school. Back then we were pals but not what I would call “best friends,” but that would soon change. When we saw each other at the reunion, we instantly connected as though we were long lost “best friends.” We talked the entire night. Our soulful connection was instant.

We have been the very dearest and best of friends ever since. We talk almost every day. We have seen each other through the tough times and have shared many happy moments together over the last two decades even though we live miles apart. She is always there for me, she is my rock, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my sounding board, my inspiration and the person that tells me everything is going to be okay. My father use to tell me all the time that he was proud of me; when he passed away 10 years ago I really missed hearing that. Well now Laura is the one that says, “I am proud of you.” Our soulful connection is like none I have yet to know, it is for life and beyond. I am ever so grateful for her presence in my life and proud to call her my “best soul friend.”

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. In 2008 I was in a very abusive relationship. Although it only last a short period of time, it seemed like a lifetime. Prior to this relationship I had lost someone I loved very much and was in a lot of pain over that loss. So I looked at this relationship as being with someone who made me feel worse than I had been feeling. His inflicted pain made me forget about the real pain I was feeling in my heart. I knew this wasn’t right and that it was unhealthy, but for some reason I didn’t know how to get out. I didn’t feel strong enough to leave. I had abandoned my meditation practices, my praying and worst of all myself.

One night while lying in bed ready to drift off, I just started praying again. I had asked God and the Universe to show me the way out of this madness and give me the strength to get up and get out. With my eyes closed and the lights off, the room lit up so bright I couldn’t open my eyes nor did I want to. Then suddenly I felt wrapped in this warm, soft embrace with what I would imagine it feeling like if you where embraced by angels. Tears poured down my face, I felt my soul and spirit wake up again. I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of love like I have never felt before. For the first time in a very long time I felt connected to spirit and to my soul. Then I heard a voice in my head that said, “We are here, it is okay but now it is time for you to leave.” A sense of peace and calm washed over me and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I did not know whether this was real or just a dream. All I know is that I got up that morning and walked out the door without a word, never looked back and never let it happen again.

SoulPetWhen do you feel your most soulful? This is oh so easy. I have a 13½ year old yellow lab named Lucy. I have had her since she was a baby. The moment we met we knew we were destined to be together. We have had many adventures and she has helped comfort me through some rough times. She is my constant companion and love of my life. Every night before we go to sleep, I place her bed next mine and I lay down on the floor with her. We just lay there looking into each other’s eyes, I, of course am rubbing her ears (she loves that most) and kissing her wet nose. She kisses (licks) my checks and nuzzles in my neck. Then I sing “You are my sunshine” as she just stares at me so sweetly. It never fails, I get a little teary eyed because this is the moment when I truly feel the most soulful with the most soulful creature I have ever known. She opens my heart every day to unconditional love.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I have lived in the Lake Tahoe, CA area for over 30 years and there are so many beautiful places there but none so beautiful as a place called “Hope Valley.” It is this amazing valley surrounded by mountains and trees, wildlife and a river running through it. I love just walking along the river and listening to nature. Then I will find a nice spot to do my meditation or just a place to lie in the grass and take in the beauty. It is just so peaceful, it is where I feel closest to Spirit, the Universe and my inner true self. It is my temple.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? I have been blessed to know a lot of soulful people in my life. However, the most soulful person I know is my younger sister Cassie. She is this amazing woman. She has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. They range in ages from early thirties to teenagers. She has raised them all to be these incredible souls filled with love and joy. Cassie has faced many adversities in her life. From having a son who is handicapped, who they were told would not live past 5 (but I believe it was Cassie’s faith that he is now 18), to surviving cancer, living with lupus, watching her husband suffer from one neck surgery after another and all the while still having faith in God. Cassie wakes up each and every day with such strength and courage to face another day of whatever life has to bring on. She watches Super Soul Sunday religiously and journals all that she takes away from it, then she shares it with those around her. She tends to other people’s needs way before her own. She takes in those who need a place to stay, a hot meal or just a big hug even if she is struggling herself. She is selfless, loving and kind. She is “my” spiritual teacher with a soul that I am blessed to call her not only my sister but my friend.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? A deep understanding that our partners have the same feelings and emotions that we, so handle with care. Respect each other’s uniqueness, individualistic ways and perfect imperfections. Trust in one another that each will always do their very best to give love, show love and be open to receiving love. A strong knowing that it takes to make it love work and grow. Loving kindness, treat your partner as if you would like them to treat you. My favorite: be open just being wildly and passionately in love and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Deb1What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? It took me many years to discover this, but apparently years is what I needed to find out. It was what gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to fulfill my soul’s purpose. After many relationships, good and bad I realized that the one thing that I wanted to do and felt good doing was teaching others about loving relationships. So, I became a relationship coach. Now I teach others how to be in healthy, loving, soulful relationships, showing them just how important it is to start by loving themselves. I give many free sessions, from family, friends, and strangers. Even though I am still building my practice I feel that the more I give freely, the more I learn myself. I love what I do and soon I hope to be working with the local woman’s shelters and teaching them how to “not” be in abusive relationships and course by showing them that healthy love starts from within.

If you’ve read The Soulmate Experience, what ideas or suggestions have been most useful to you? I have not only read this book but I use it in my coaching. I recommend it to my clients and my copy is so highlighted and side noted you wouldn’t believe it. However, my favorite suggestion from your book was this: “One sure way to start the shift from conventional relationship to soulmate relationship is to begin to treat your partner as guest in your life.” I love this and I share this with all my clients. Did I mention that I love this book? lol

Thank you both so very much for allowing me to share my soulful experiences with you and your readers. I am honored and grateful.


I am a certified relationship coach and, after owning a fitness club for 8 years, I am a health and wellness coach as well. Although certified, most of my coaching comes from my own experiences in relationships, good and bad. Life is truly the best teacher. I love doing what I do more than anything. I look forward every day to sharing with others what I have learned about love. Get in touch with me:
Twitter: @bondoflovecoach

Thank you, Deb, for sharing these very soulful moments with us. ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love


A Woman with Soul: Brownell Landrum

May 27, 2014

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Brownell Landrum is the author of a series of novels that delve into the nuances of attraction, love, spiritual connection. Learn more about her, and download free books, at

Brownell LandrumTell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. The deepest soul connection I’ve experienced is with – myself! Once I understood “the three selves,” and how to integrate the mind/body/spirit or conscious/subconscious/superconscious, I was able to find much more meaning in my life. From that moment of “integrated alignment,” so many things opened up for me, it changed everything! It happened as I was writing my first book Five Reasons Why Bad Things Happen: How to Turn Tragedies Into Triumph, which I wrote during a particularly difficult time in my life.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. This might sound crazy, but during a meditation I was told what my “job” is on “the other side.” Yes – we have jobs over/up there! It blew my mind – and changed everything. Weirdly, I never told anyone what it was, until years later a “soulmate friend” came up to me and said, “You do X on the other side” and I said, “Yes, that’s right – how did you know?” It’s not like anyone could’ve guessed! Wild!

When do you feel your most soulful? Definitely when I’m creating or writing. It’s pure bliss to connect with the highest levels of divine inspiration and know that what I’m working on is divinely guided with meaning and purpose!

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? I define a soulmate as “someone you’ve known in a previous existence who you were destined to meet.” What that means is that before this lifetime, when planning your life, you and the other person had an agreement or contract to connect and learn. I agree with author Richard Bach’s assessment that sometimes these relationships can be the most difficult and challenging! Yet also the most rewarding, especially if both souls are at a high evolutionary level and connected with their own soul(s).

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I know it sounds trite, but my mission (for myself personally and for my businesses and writing) is to change the world in a fun and rewarding way. I have a strong, clear vision of “the other side” – I even wrote a children’s book about it.

One of the verses says,

It’s the place where we plan who we’ll be with and when
We pick out our names like Sara or Ben.

Another verse says,

We decide on our lessons, the paths we will take
Awards we might go for and mistakes we might make

The ultimate message – and purpose – is Love.

The Song BeginsI’d like to share my novels with you. Like the Celestine Prophecy, fiction can sometimes deliver a message in a unique and captivating way. The tagline for my books is, “Lose yourself in the fiction…find yourself in the truth.” My novels – for adults only! – are about soulmate relationships and past lives, with a lovely theme of forgiveness and understanding. They’re also intimate and romantic! Find me on Twitter @Brownelllandrum or Brownell Landrum on Facebook, or complete the contact form on my website,, and let me know how to send you my books, for free! I really just want to “share the love” and touch people’s lives with my writing.    

Thank you, Brownell, for sharing a little about you and your work. ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love

A Woman with Soul: Christine Pratt

April 15, 2014

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

The deepest soul connection I’ve experienced is one my mother (who’s departed from us now) and I experienced during the birth of my daughter, Tiger Lily. I was in the hospital, and had begun labor, but didn’t have time to contact my mom and family because contractions started all too suddenly. My mom—who by the way was blind—had to come to the hospital to have tests done, but she wasn’t aware that I was there.


While on the delivery room bed, in mid-birth, it was as if I experienced an out-of-body encounter—as if someone or something was controlling my every move, and seeing or watching everything occurring to me, and for me, in the delivery room, EXCEPT ME! To be honest, I can’t even recall the entire delivery process, only when it was over and done with.

About an hour later, a nurse is pushing my mom into my room to visit me! The nurse said, “I don’t know how your mom KNEW you were here, but she said, Take me to see my daughter, she’s in here having her baby.

I told my mom what I experienced, and she just smiled and said, ”I know! I have a special connection with all of you kids, something you wouldn’t understand until you are grown.” She told me she “saw” my daughter, too—through my eyes! And she is beautiful!

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life.

The most soul-opening moment in my life was when I found myself through an awakening moment. I have been through many dead-end relationships, and unfaithful marriages, and I still thought, or rather hoped, that I could find love and happiness through another person. I prayed to God and the Universe to open my eyes and send me the love of my life, someone who would love me, teach me to love, lead and guide me through life, and that I could reflect the same kind of love back to.

Christine4Well, God got my attention, and He spoke in my spirit that “He” is the love that I have been running from all of my life, and that He is all the love I need! I wept bitterly as I fell down to my knees like a baby… Not long after that, I came across this page on the Internet. It ran through my newsfeeds, and I immediately fell In love with it! It has taught me so much about love, and life, how to love myself, and how to love others, too…

I couldn’t be more content, because I have time and space to work on ME, to LOVE ME, so I will be prepared to love someone else when the time comes! I’m a better person, and a wiser person, because I love myself and accept myself EXACTLY as I Am, I am more trusting of the decisions I make, Because now I KNOW that I deserve to be loved: by myself, my family, and my significant other whenever he vibrationally appears in my life!

When do you feel your most soulful?

I feel my most soulful between the hours of 2 am and 4 am each morning! I can feel my soul speaking to me in the “still” of the night. I will normally get up, and blog what God puts in my heart to write about, or just meditate and talk to God in prayer, praying for peace, and unity, among other things.... It’s amazing, how in the past, when I couldn’t sleep, it troubled me, and I would seek all kinds of pills and remedies to help me fall asleep, or, if there was a man by my side, I slept like a baby, because I saw him as the “protector” of the home... But now, I either sleep peacefully and undisturbed throughout the night, or if I’m up meditating, I would do so all the way up til it’s time for my daughter to go off to school, and me to work, and I would still be energized throughout my day! Wow! When God transformed me, He did a complete transformation—from inside out!


Where do you feel the most in touch with your own soul?

The place I feel the most in touch with my own soul is my bedroom! I hear the birds outside singing each morning, I see wildlife interacting—like squirrels playing, birds singing, sometimes there’s deer in the winter in the back yard. And I see the setting of the sun from my balcony! I love to sit on the balcony (before the world come alive with cars, and horns, and train engines) and just enjoy the sound and the innocence of nature at its best. Such peace and beauty!

Who is one of the most soulful people you know?

My daughter, Tiger Lily! She writes poetry (like myself) and she’s an angel to me! She has been through so much with me throughout my bad relationships, including the man who gave her his last name at birth, and later destroyed her image of him as a father by telling her that she was not his child...all done out of anger at ME! She got past the hurt in time, now she is looking forward to following her dreams going in the National Guard and attending college this summer after graduating. I am so proud of her! It is bittersweet, because I will experience the “empty nest” syndrome once she leaves. Time really flew fast with her. I’m missing her already!


What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

I feel that my soul’s purpose is to experience growth, and make me a better person. That I am to create a peaceful and happy life for myself, one in which takes me higher in my life, and that I should use my gift to enhance and contribute to the lives of others the same way!

Is there anything else youd like to share with us?

I am very pleased with the work that you two do, to enhance the lives of people and their relationships! You are an inspiration to all, and I am happy to be a part of “The Soulmate Experience” family.

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your life and love with us! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love

A Man with Soul: Paul Nijar

April 9, 2014

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Hello! I am the founder of a yoga style called Yoga Do & Kali Do Yoga. They encompass my entire life, through my training in martial arts, personal training, studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation and yoga. All aspects of my spiritual journey have been implemented into these classes to provide an awakening experience for the practitioners. I am currently seeking out publishers for my first book, Everything I Thought I Was & What I Came to Be, a book that shares my struggle from shifting from a pessimist to a person realizing their divine spiritual path in life.

Describe one of your most soul-opening moments.

Paul Nijar Sunset MeditationGrowing up I experienced many struggles trying to find the person I was to become and struggling within finding the level of success I sought out. As I tried and tried harder over and over again, I became frustrated with myself. I felt at a loss, thinking that I was some sort of defect. As we talk to ourselves more than any other individual out there, I realized the only way I could remedy my bleak perspective was through checking the quality of my internal dialogue. I started to write in a journal as a coaching tool to shape my mind into something more preferred. The words that presented themselves before me came from somewhere else. They seemed very foreign to the current mind set I had been carrying. I began to investigate myself further through meditation.

Meditation coupled with writing has channeled a new energy within me. From further practise I learned that there was nothing wrong with me. I came to understand that as I was trying hard at things and failing, it was because I was simply making things hard from “trying hard.” It was from that realization that I started to just BE. I let go and unclasped the clench of control I had and allowed myself to free myself from the shackles of expectation. This was such a great spiritual awakening for me because I was consumed with great liberation at this moment.

From this liberation I was able to discover love: love for myself. Rather than berating myself through “setbacks” and “failures” I received each instance through compassion. Nothing was a failure, there are no setbacks, just building blocks contributing towards my spiritual evolution.

When and with whom do you feel your most soulful?

Writing is such a beautiful time for me. It provides an opportunity for self-expression and to actually connect with my true spirit. When I start writing, insights into questions that cycle through my mind present themselves before me. Writing creates an open dialogue with myself and my true spiritual self. I tune into a meditative state during this divine moment of conversation. Time is of no consideration during this time. This is an important note to ponder because time itself is manmade. The concept of time does not apply within the realms of spirituality. When I’m writing through a meditative state, I exist merely in form on this plane, while having full consciousness of my spiritual truth in the spiritual realm.

When I’m not marinating in the sweet solitude of my time writing, I am blessed to have met a beautiful soul of whom I am inspired by every day. Meeting this great woman has created such a beautiful harmonic balance to my life. It is such a great blessing to meet someone who is aware of our spiritual existence. We are in sync energetically and spiritually. All of a sudden I am experiencing the love that the movies, songs and poems are talking about.

This is a great realization for me because, rather than considering my role within this Universe as being separate, I see the inter-connectivity of us all. We all have a shared purpose in this realm and there is no differentiation of you, me and them. We are all one. This helps an individual who is struggling in their lives thinking that they are alone.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

A soulful relationship is our greatest blessing on this plane. When it is provided for us upon the grace of the Universe, we gain a sense of oneness and purpose. We see that the relationship has a divine purpose to achieve some sort of work in this plane. Realizing the spiritual truth of your partner is such a great understanding to hold. When the two people recognize each other beyond form and see the infinite being for who they really are, they become one. As the relationship develops and the energetic connection builds, the couple is able to be communicate telepathically and feel one another no matter the distance. A cellphone call becomes obsolete when it comes to this connection, as it transcends all cellphone coverage.

Paul NijarBeing aware of one’s spiritual truth enhances the relationship beyond all numerical values ever associated in comparison. While many people fear aging as per not being able to hold a physical attraction for their lover, the spiritual awareness in a relationship will defy all time. The soul never ages and it is always pure and an embodiment of love. This love will hold the test of time.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

This was a question that I struggled with for many years growing up. I never could see the purpose of my life. Through all the struggle and setbacks I felt I was having, I couldn’t seem to piece together what the point of all of it was. Through meditation and surrounding myself with like-minded people, I was able to understand the theme of my life. I first took on the role of teacher at age 7, this is something that I continue to do in different aspects of my life. This theme of teaching and sharing a piece of who I am and what I can offer others is my soul’s purpose.

Whether I am teaching, yoga, martial arts, fitness, nutrition, life coaching, meditating, sharing spiritual insights on YouTube or writing, I am offering a piece of my spiritual understanding. As I share my insights and struggles with others, I do so in the hopes that they can live through their struggles with greater grace.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Indonesia Yoga Paul NijarOne of the greatest lessons I learned in my years is that success, happiness and peace are things that are not reserved for a select few. We all have the capacity to live the lives we fantasize about. We can make all desires a reality. The ego mind will tell us otherwise. We must remember our spiritual truth that we are infinite, unbound energy beings and everything is possible. The undesirable feelings and emotions we are plagued by at times do not belong us. Those feelings do not depict our truth. Realizing that all emotions pass is a great understanding in realizing that when they do leave, our true nature remains intact. Rather than identifying ourselves with those undesirable thoughts, emotions or feelings, we must continue to hold our spiritual truth close to our heart.

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We love knowing you're out there doing such great things, Paul! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love

A Woman with Soul: Diana Brunson

March 16, 2014

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Hi. My name is Diana Brunson. I have two blogs. One is Spiritually Speaking. I mostly write about synchronicity, which includes numerology. It is about my spirittual journey, but it is also to help others understand synchroncity better from another perspective. There are many. While it’s wise to look within yourself, sometimes it can help to see things from another point of view. My other blog is about the arts. It includes synchronicity as well. I think a better way to to describe it would be cosmic arts. Please take a look. I think it’ll help explain what I mean: Diana's Divine Diversity.

I hope that you feel the energy of love that I poured into this.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life.

One of the most soul-opening moments of my life, and a deep soul connection, was sometime after listening to Jason Mraz’s song I’m Yours. When I first heard it, I immediately liked it. I thought of it as a happy hippy song. And that was before I knew all the lyrics.

I think it was about a week or two later when I’m Yours became more than what I ever expected. Jason sings the words “divine intervention”, which I didn’t realize until much later. This was divine intervention preparing me for what was to come next.

Jason hums a little in this song. It was the frequency of that hum which touched my soul so deeply, that it caused the floodgates to be completely broken open. My soul felt the vibrations of his voice. Tears flowed every time I heard it. Heart-wrenching cries that happened no matter what mood I was in came bursting out.

I could have stopped listening to the song. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to hear the happy parts. I also had a deep desire to hear him hum. Not so I could cry again. But because I knew the longing of my soul was to feel the vibrations that matched her own at the time. This lasted maybe two or three weeks.

I was completely flabbergasted by these powerful emotions that were only felt when hearing that hum and yet I knew, intuitively that it was spiritual. I wrote about other experiences I had that pertained to this. It may help to understand better by reading it. Once in awhile, my soul lets go when I hear that sweet soulful sound that she connected with. And it’s still my happy hippy song.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

I didn’t think it could get any deeper than that. Here is another divine intervention and the deepest soul connection yet. And who better to be the catalyst of such a spiritual event than someone who is considered a spiritual guru to so many? Many call him Master. Many others, including myself, call him Deepak, which, I wasn’t sure I should do at first. I’ve never met him, but he seems so down-to-earth!

butterfly synchronicitiesI began noticing synchronicities in the 90s. Butterflies and the ocean is how this confusing, strange, soulful, beautiful, synchronistic journey began. The number 22 has been very significant throughout my synchronistic journey since 1997. I wrote several articles about it last year on my spiritual blog. I mention this because Deepak’s birthday is October 22. Experiencing synchronicities with someone who teaches about synchronicity is so amazing. Having that someone be the one and only Deepak Chopra, mind-blowing.

I didn’t know who Deepak Chopra in the 90s. I saw a few quotes of his on the internet. Perhaps one or two were about synchronicity. Blogging didn’t even exist yet and I don’t believe he had a web presence at the time.

In the meantime, the synchronicities continued and I continued learning more of what they could mean. I believed I had a soul, but I didn’t think about myself as being a soul having a human experience. I did, however, connect synchronicities with the soul. I just didn’t understand the hows or whys of my experiences.

I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone. It was driving me crazy, but I wanted it to continue because it also raised my vibrations and I was feeling closer to God.

Then four years ago I had a dream. Where the divine intervention occurred. That was a turning point in my life. I wasn’t consciously seeking spiritual answers or asking the question, “Who am I?” My life was far from perfect, but for the most part, I was happy and content.

I was already following him on Twitter, but I didn’t have much interest in Twitter. I was asked to sign up for work, which became unnecessary. Deepak wasn’t following me until I asked him a question about his latest book at that time. That was in 2010 and when the magic journey really began to take flight.

My first connection with him on Twitter occurred a year before. I had retweeted this quote by Rumi: “Let the waters settle, you will see stars & moon mirrored in your being.” His reply was so unexpected. “Just be with her.” As simple as that was, coming from Deepak Chopra left me speechless and highly emotional. I’m an emotional gal anyway, but this intensified it.

surfing synchronicitiesI love reading the reactions other people give when he tweets to them for the first time. Those that want him to connect with them get so excited it seems like they can hardly contain themselves. I laugh it tickles me so. My reaction was different. I didn’t respond directly to him. I just cried while sitting at my desk. I did a lot of crying during this journey. It was a soul-cleansing experience. Most of those tears were so full of pure love, though. Something I still don’t understand..

Thanks to Deepak, I began meditating, synchronicities increased and telepathy became a daily occurrence. Many of them with Deepak. Sometimes, all of the mystical, magical, mysterious phenomena of the universe still leaves me breathless.

Deepak has taught me a lot about consciousness, the soul, the universe, and another way of seeing synchronicities. Not everything he teaches resonates with me. But what does is what I will take with me and use for a higher purpose, if that’s what I’m called to do. I am so grateful.

Love. He tweets about it a lot. He writes about it. The best way for me to understand love is to experience it. A soul connection is a way for this to happen. This has only happened to me a few times. Because of Deepak, I know that when it comes from soul, I love, whether it’s recipricated or not. With or without romance, the soul loves.

Deepak is the closest one to God that I know. He is the reason I am closer to God than I have ever been in my life. To experience God, is to experience pure love from the soul.

When do you feel your most soulful?


I feel my most soulful when I am either talking to like-minded people or when I am alone and focused on writing about spirituality, the soul, and (mostly) synchronicity.

It is usually more intense being within the experience of a synchronicity when it is with someone I love or from the first moment that I feel a soul connection with someone, whether I know them or not. It’s more thrilling when the connection is felt by the both of us..

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known?

One of the most soulful people I know is my beautiful granddaughter, Kailyn. When she was three years old, I was talking to her on the phone. Or rather I was listening to her as she told me a story.

I didn’t understand her enough to know what she was talking about, but the tone in her voice told me of such passion, it was as though I was listening to someone who was stuck inside a little body aching to come out and speak, but couldn’t.

I am sure it was my granddaughter’s soul wanting to deeply share that story. The more she spoke, the more passionate she became and then suddenly, her emotions became so intense that she burst into tears. Kailyn is now four and her passionate soul is heard through the words she speaks. A beautiful, grownup soul in a little body. She is so amazing.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

It’s been about 12 years since I’ve been in a romantic relationship. And none that I have had were soulful. Excluding synchronicity, I didn’t pay attention to my spiritual journey until the divine interventions. So, I didn’t make having a spiritual partner a necessary part of my life. Nor did I when I considered myself a Christian years before. I didn’t grow much as a Christian. There were too many questions and not enough answers. Now I consider myself “spiritual not religious”. I still have questions, but now I listen to my intuition a lot more often (sometimes I still falter in that area) and follow signs I receive from God through synchronicities.

This is what I would like to have: In soul relationships there should be the freedom to just be. To be who we are. To have trust in ourselves and in each other. To be vulnerable, open and honest with each other. To be comfortable in our skin and with each other enough while being together in silence. To be supportive of each other in good times and bad.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think passion, laughter, playfulness and silliness are wonderful qualities to have in a soulful relationship. I don’t believe that soul wants us to live a humdrum life of boredom. Spontaneity can add spice to the relationship as well.

DianaBWhat do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

I believe that my soul purpose is to be doing whatever it is I am doing in the moment, with synchronicity at the heart of whatever it is. Right now that is blogging about journey. Synchronicity keeps me connected to my soul and therefore to God (or whatever word you choose). For whoever is open to it, synchronicity can show that we are all connected to everyone and to everything. And that ultimately, God is at the helm.

I don’t always live from soul. My ego does take control. That’s where the lessons are. I’d rather it not be that way, but I have a lot of learning to do. With each lesson I learn, I am aware that I am growing through each one and becoming more aware of who I am and of my soul’s purpose.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Thank you Mali and Joe for allowing me to share my story with you and your readers. Synchronicities are usually unexpected surprises while, for those who pay attention may expect to have them. For me it’s more about when and how they come that is the mystery. They can come in whispers or come with a big bang. It depends on the urgency of the message and whether the recipient has been paying attention. Our synchronicity was in the middle. And in Divine timing.

I am not a seeker of attention. I’m perfectly fine remaining in the background. Even as a blogger, I don’t expect to become well known. So, having these experiences with two famous people and to share my story for anyone in the world to read is uncharacteristic of me. Following synchronicities can change that. I am going with the flow, not knowing the outcome. Thank you for inspiring me to do so.

Deepak and Jason, I don’t know if you realize how deeply you both have affected my life. Thank you for reaching my soul with your words, your voice, your essence. My soul wanted my attention and wanted me to not just believe God exists, but to experience God. Anyone could have been the catalysts. But it was you. Look how the universe work it’s magic. How crazy beautiful it is that you two know each other. Soul Divine.

With Love,


Diana, we appreciate you more than you know. Love, Mali & Joe 

A Woman with Soul: Jo Challacombe

March 4, 2014

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From the humble beginning of baking magic “love mud-pies” in my childhood street and talking to invisible friends, my interest in all things spiritual and magical has grown into a sincere and almost grown-up life path. I am currently writing my first book, detailing my personal journey as an Indigo adult and have recently launched SprIndigo, a blog providing spiritual inspiration articles for the Indigo soul. The many lessons I have learnt in life have also given me the confidence to undertake hypnotherapy and NLP training so that I can one day fulfill my goal of providing personal development and self-love workshops for my local community.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced.

JoI find the journey back to your Self is always the deepest connection. I have not always been my best friend. A challenging childhood left many impressions on my soul to help detach me from self-love and my growth into adulthood has been laden with lessons all bringing me back to me.

Like most people experiencing low self-esteem and levels of self-love, I searched for acceptance and love outside of myself for years. I wanted to find my perfect soulmate to make all of my problems go away. Suffice to say, the Creative wouldn’t allow me to skip the important lesson of self acceptance and my quest for my soulmate lead me full circle.

I would love to tell stories of deep connections with wonderful people from all over the world, but my most important lesson has been a more intimate one. Before I could embrace others, I needed to learn to embrace myself. I remember crying the first time I actually turned my awareness inwards and paid attention to my own heart first.

When do you feel your most soulful? Whenever I have the privilege of meeting the diverse mix of people this Earth has to offer and listen to their stories I feel deeply moved. It reminds me that we are all connected; we are all part of the human race. When I hear people’s stories of surviving hardships and simple acts of love towards one another it gives me hope that we can all work together to make a better future for ourselves and our planet. Being around open-hearted people, who are just living their lives the best way they can renews my faith in life and my soul simply glows from the experience.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I am fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Devon countryside of the United Kingdom. The farm I live on is surrounded by green fields and I am never far away from bird song, squirrels and trees. The countryside is where my heart is and my soul always feels at peace in this environment. I believe the simplicity is what makes this place special to me. I am happiest when I walk to my local store down a quiet hazel and oak lined lane, which backs onto fields containing my neighbour’s horses. I love passing the squirrels leaping back and forth from the highest branches of the trees, admiring the way the sunlight shines through the trees and taking a moment to listen to the robins perched lower down, chirping about their day. Each small piece of beauty on this walk reminds me I am alive, the world is beautiful and there is much love worth fighting for. There may not be imposing mountains, impressive waterfalls and ancient ruins to stand in awe of, but it is home.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has?

It’s funny that my answer to this question would have been quite different a couple of years ago. If you would have looked at my “bucket list” of things I wanted in my perfect partner you would have read something like this: tall, dark hair, successful business man, intelligent, a lot like Mr. Darcy, brooding — a romance worthy of a movie.

The saying, “be careful what you wish for” is true in this case. I met several of these dashing, tall, dark-haired intelligent men and I fell hopelessly in love with each one. The trouble was; they were not ideal for me. The intelligence was arrogance, the success was unavailability and the Mr. Darcy attributes were not as much fun in real life as they are in a book.

I had never really thought about why I was going after this type of man who would always end up making me feel patronised and resentful. I started to read lots of books on love and that’s when I stumbled upon The Soulmate Experience.

After the first few chapters I was hooked. I came to realise that I was blocking my soulmate from manifesting by projecting my own beliefs about “not being good enough” onto my opinion of the perfect man — this Mr. Darcy stereotype. After reading the book, I understood I needed to do a lot of inner work and I also came to see the qualities discussed in the book: acceptance, mutual growth, unconditional love and “presence” to be qualities I really wanted from a relationship.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is?

Just recently I have ended my lifelong marathon away from my true purpose and have entered into acceptance of it. I have had my finger in quite a lot of spiritual pies and systems of divination over the years; karmic astrology, numerology, soul contracting and other methods for helping you to realise your true life path. I was desperate to be told what my soul’s purpose was, but I didn’t like the answers I was getting.

JoTime after time, no matter what the system, I would receive the same insights into my life purpose: communication, spiritual teacher, leader, writing, expression, service, love. I didn’t really like that idea of being a spiritual teacher who had to be of service to others, I didn’t feel confident enough to write and I certainly didn’t have much love for people after a particularly difficult childhood. I turned my back on the clues to my soul’s purpose, each time I received them.

One night, I had a dream that gave me the wake-up call I needed. I dreamt of a spirit yelling at me that I was not a musician, actress, singer and all the other ideas of career I had been mulling around in my head at the time. The spirit turned to a wall that showed a timeline of spiritual teachers and prophets over the centuries. He said very clearly to me, “Your job is to be of service, find them and remind them of who they are”. The spirit then told me my secret spiritual name and I woke up with a start.

Since then, I have come to realise that it is my purpose to write about spiritual topics and to inspire light workers to accept themselves as I have learnt to do. I might only be a small acorn on the beginning of my journey so far, but I know I am fully supported to one day become a mighty oak tree!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

For readers of The Soulmate Experience or those wondering if they should read the book, I would like to share that the techniques and practical guidance contained in its pages have helped me to not only see myself differently and realise the true qualities of a healthy relationship, but it has also helped me to improve my friendships and connections with people in general.

Before releasing a lot of my emotional baggage, I had been struggling even in friendships to control my feelings of jealousy and I would frequently get mad at friends if I felt they had not met an expectation I had of them. Through reading Mali and Joe’s wonderful book, I am learning to do things differently and recognise when my own negative self beliefs are affecting the way I treat others. If, like me, you are still waiting for your romantic soulmate, use this time to prepare yourself for great love and to improve the connections you do have in your life by reading this book!

Thank you for your beautiful expression of the power of self-love, dear Jo! (And it feels so perfect that "Jo" means "sweetheart"...) ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love

A Man with Soul: Gerard Martinez

February 11, 2014

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My name is Gerard and I am the cofounder of LuvFax. We are the leading online dating background check company. With over 41 million singles looking for love online, we are dedicated to helping them date safely.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. In 2008, a relationship I was in ended. I began the healing process and was coming to a good place in my life. Through pain comes growth. Realizing my part in it, and coming to terms with another failed relationship, was an enlightenment in and of itself. I was working on me and growing, ready and willing to share my life with someone. The connection with my own soul was providing this direction.

MartinezDescribe one of your most soul-opening moments. The power of forgiveness. Time is a great healer, 22 months passed and I began again, searching for a partner, my soul mate, through online dating. All the usual popular sites. It was an experience that provided me a better understanding of the opposite sex. Time and again I came home from my coffee date (they are the safest and easiest, I found) knowing the date I just had wasn't really quite the one. I marched on.

Shortly after, I had this moment: My soul was telling me to reach out and look up a woman whom I was once engaged to in 1986. Our breakup was not good. Are they ever? Now mind you, I had this inextricable feeling that I had to do this. I was not suffering from the "phantom ex syndrome"; I want to be clear on that. So I tried looking her up on Facebook and found her. She was a single parent like myself. Now I had to have the nerve to "friend” her. Twenty-four years had passed with no contact whatsoever. I was engulfed with so much emotion.

Seeing her face for the first time after so long brought me right back to her. Love remains the same. She resides in Florida and I am in California. The last 4 years have had its challenges, not including the distance. I am still very much in love with her, albeit unrequited. Our relationship has left an indelible mark on me that will forever be there. This moment has been the most soul-opening of my life.

When and with whom do you feel your most soulful? I feel most soulful when I am writing. Like right now. Putting "pen to paper" allows my mind to slow down, it allows me to reflect, it’s therapeutic, medicinal!

With whom do I feel most soulful? As a single parent of a wonderful, beautiful, soulful 16-year-old daughter. Moments of time spent with her, listening to her share her dreams with me. The life challenges I know she will encounter on her path. Mentoring her and parenting her. Trying always to be there for her.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? It happened at Community Memorial Hospital Ventura, California. The day my daughter was born. Becoming a father that day, I felt most in touch with my soul. To me that feeling is indescribable, considering the magnitude of the moment. The responsibility that is put on me. I consider being a father an honor.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? My Grandfather. He was a mindful man. Intelligent, hardworking honest. He was born in 1899 and passed away at the age of 97. He had so many wonderful stories about his life on this earth. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 1922. I was one of many of his grandchildren, yet he always seemed to have the time to talk and share his wisdom and life experiences with me.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? There has to be no limits on me to allow my soul to just be. Being my authentic self first and foremost. Love with no conditions empowers the relationship to grow and evolve. This can be achieved through learning to not let everything bother me. Neither one is perfect, but are we perfect for each other? Do we bring out the best of each other? Do we compliment and compromise with each other? Or, are we competing, controlling and comparing? Grow together, not apart from each other, allowing each other space to also grow as individuals without feeling insecure. Trust, communication, intimacy. Have her trust me by being trustworthy. Communicate, to the very best of my ability, and be a good listener. Emotional intimacy as defined, an event that occurs when the trust level and communication between two people is such that it fosters the mutual sharing of each others innermost selves. It is unbridled mutual self-disclosure.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? My soul’s purpose is to continue to evolve. To continue to grow spiritually, and to pass along as best I can what has been given to me.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? The unbridled emotion of a true soulmate experience to me is one life's real blessings. Having the re-connection I did was beyond anything I ever imagined. I have often said, "If only the whole world could feel what I feel." That soulful, all-encompassing love could heal the world!

Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Gerard! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, 52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love