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A Woman with Soul: Diana Lindeved Strøm

May 9, 2013

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We met Diana through her love and support of Sjælevenner for livet, the Danish version of The Soulmate Experience. 

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. I was out shopping and was looking at a product and could suddenly feel something in my energy field. I looked to the side I felt it come from, and saw a man who gave me the sweetest huge smile. I could quite simply not help smiling back. I got a good feeling throughout the body. I felt very at home in his company. We stood and talked for a while and while doing it I looked at his arms and thought there was something familiar about them. When I looked him in the eye something magical happened. His eyes were almost shining lights for a moment, and I got a strong sense of an angel. I think it was his soul that I could see. I have since found out that he is a soul mate whom I have been with for several lives. When I talk to him I am always so glad. He is a very sweet and lovely person that I am very happy to be in the soul family.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. When I gave birth to my son, I had feelings I had not had before. I felt everything much stronger. The greeting cards, flowers and gifts that I got for my son's birth—I was more happy and grateful and enjoyed them in a different and much better way then I would have before.

When do you feel your most soulful? When I help family and friends with the problems they may have. I love to help and find something that can help them. It can for instance be spiritual cleaning, healing stones or healing. When they report back that it has helped them, so I am happy and warm inside, and grateful that I have such abilities to help others.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? Lido de Jesolo in Italy. When I stand with my feet well dug into the sand and looking out over the sea and the fresh warm wind blowing around me, I feel so at home. It is said that salt draws toxins out of the body. I believe it because when I've been out to bathe in salt water, I always feel easy and relaxed. I love Italy. 

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? Louise L. Hay. She is a happy and super-positive lady who loves to make people happy. The first spiritual book I bought was her You Can Heal Your Life. It has changed my life for the better. I have fibromyalgia and the book has helped me to see what the various symptoms of blockages to be dissolved. She has helped millions of people around the world with her books and positive affirmations. I love her positive way of being. As Louise L. Hay says, "You are never too old to learn something new." As a 60-year-old she learned a new handwriting. When she was over 70 she began to paint.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? Being able to talk about things in a nice quiet way, and if you disagree you know well that the other person shows that you cannot see in yourself, then you have something to look at, and find out why react as they do. So you can then talk about what we disagreed on, and maybe laugh about it.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? To cure myself of fibromyalgia. To scatter light and love in the world and write spiritual children's books.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? One should never be limited. You can do more than you expect. I have fibromyalgia and spent many hours on the couch because I cannot do anything because of the pain. Instead of being bitter about it, I used my imagination to write ideas for children's books when I lay on the couch. I was wondering how should it ever become a book. I'm not good at spelling because I'm a little dyslexic so it all seemed overwhelming. One day my sister visited me and we talked about all my papers I had. Then she said that she could correct my writing and that my books do not have to be finished tomorrow. So when I had the energy to the work I bring it all into a book. It is now released. so even if something looks hopeless it can be done if you believe it.

I also have a very childish side. I love to fool around with my nieces and do fun things. I will not limit myself, for that is super fun.

Do you have a dream? Follow it. Anything is possible for those who believe.

Thank you for reading this inspiring interview! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships (in paperbackebook, and audio), 52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love and Overcoming Jealousy

A Man with Soul: Syed Hussain

May 6, 2013

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. We know that our experience of life for the greater part is subconscious. We are only conscious of a small part of who we really are. The soul through our intuitive thinking allows us to be conscious while showing us how to be a human being in relationship to the natural world. Our first realization must be that all of us have connections at business, personal and spiritual levels throughout our lives, and no relationship is really insignificant. 

An instant life-changing and the deepest soul connection that I have ever experienced began with the birth of my two daughters, between 1980 and 1985. My feelings at that moment were just "out of this world". I was amazed, flabbergasted, delighted, ecstatic, happy and tremendously thankful to the Lord. I felt every emotion under the sun, much more than my happy flying days at the Air Force College or the subsequent “jetting” across continents on banking and investment business. I felt complete euphoria both times as I held my daughters in my arms and whispered a prayer in their little soft ears. My heart cried out to the Lord in humbleness as I savoured my girls in my arms, just so emotional and just so in awe of them. There was instant bonding, profound unconditional love and a deep soul connection from day one, and which continues to this day. For me those five years were truly a deep soul connection experience and very formative.

What was one of the most soul-opening moments of your life? Every day of our lives we face "moments of truth" through our interaction with others. Such moments help to define us and shape us by giving others an opportunity to either form or change their impression of us. In so doing these moments can either create moments of magic or moments of misery. The moments I am talking about here have nothing to do with a marriage, divorce, lost relationship, or a soul mismatch. For me without doubt they range from understanding the teachings of the prophets, the great writers, benevolent leaders, mystics and philosophers both past and present, all of whom have provided meaning to my sense of inner happiness. So if John Keats suggests that our “soul is a work in progress” with all its “opposites and dualities” then my defining purpose in life is set to complete it, or as Thomas Moore puts it, “The whole world and all of life are nothing but the raw materials for soul-making”, then I shall constantly and continually strive to learn from every moment I encounter, given that my most soul-opening moments in life come from one-on-one interpersonal communication with various people that I come across on daily basis. I have gone through a 360 circle in life from being an international banker to an insolvency advisor helping the poor and struggling decent souls get rid of their debt burden that destroys all forms of relationships. The thousands of thank you letters and tearful hugs are the most soul-opening moments of my everyday life. 

When do you feel your most soulful? The entire Universe is continuously resonating with a vibrant energy of life, so it’s natural for a thankful heart to commune with God. Down on my knees in spiritual ecstasy, embracing solitude and silence, teaches me how to be humble and strong, which is the most "soulful experience" for me. Communicating with Nature helps to remind me of who I am at deeper level and what my place and purpose in the Universe is. The resonance I create for myself through both spoken and unspoken words and the power of positive thinking and affirmations all attract like-experiences and make me feel most soulful. 

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? Given that souls feed on inspiration, the two places which are special to me and inspire creativity and gratitude in me are the Benelux Nations, particularly Luxembourg which is nestled cozily between Belgium, France and Germany in Europe, and Banff in Alberta, Canada. These are also places where my daughters grew up. Connecting with people anywhere, enjoying, celebrating and loving people without any assumptions and judgments is what makes me feel most in touch with my own soul.

Who is one of the most soulful people you have ever known? By definition soulful people are creative people who have the ability to lift us, to touch us on mental and emotional level and bring out the best in us. Further, some soul mates are there for a lifetime while others are only for as long as our soul journey needs them. In everyday life there are always opportunities to honor both separateness and togetherness. The reality of life is such that not all soul mates are meant to be our intimate partners. 

In this context and without doubt the most soulful people in my life have been first and foremost my parents, my teachers, my peers, my friends, and my teachers. Only a soulful person has the power to attract a soul mate. Air Commodore Harry Catchpole, my Principal and Commandant at the Air Force School, was one such person who displayed semblance of the traits that make pedagogues great. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E) in 1968, and in 1979, he was awarded C.B.E. for long and meritorious service in the cause of education. Truly he was a great person, a great educationist and a philanthropist who dedicated his life to the service of humanity. Catchpole was the most generous benefactor of many institutions he had been associated with. He donated  hundreds of thousands to different institutions including Ipswich School, Suffolk, U.K., Cadet College Hasan Abdal in Pakistan Prince of Wales' Royal Indian Military College, Dehra Dun in India and Abbottabad Public School & College and to Pakistan Air Force College, Sargodha, my alma mater. The following saying is very appropriate for this soulful man:

Great Men and Great Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops."

Today he lies buried in the grounds of the Pakistan Army Cadet College Hasan Abdal, near the renowned Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) in Kakul - Pakistan Army’s equivalent of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

If Ralph Waldo Emerson is correct in saying that "Men are what mothers made them", then the most shaping soulful person has got to be my mother! Mothers are the first real love of our lives and write a significant portion of our love map. My mother was influential in personal outlook, positive, cheerful and confident, and a truly inspiring soul who helped me to determine to a large extent how I feel about myself, how I relate to other women in my life, and why education was an important factor in ensuring future success.

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” (Psalm 127:4-5, NIV). A father's powerful influence on sons has been told long before our modern sociological psychological studies. My father was a spiritual and soulful man very involved and caring father who helped shape my emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and cognitive growth.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? The first determinant of a soulful relationship is the mindset towards a relationship. To me a soulful relationship has to be inspirational and transformational, and both of these have to move in unison and synchronicity. The gravitation towards another soul is not always easy to explain; it is an instant chemistry, a meeting of mind, the heart, the body and soul on the highest levels. Sustainable Soulful relationships give and respect personal space while bringing out the best in the partner through shared passions, visions and dreams. Soulful relationship knows and completely understands that where there is potential for the greatest love there is also the potential for the greatest pain. Soul mate relationships include both love and pain associated with intimacy. Soulful relationship recognizes the uniqueness of each individual involved in relationship which must compliment and compromise at times rather than compete, compare, and control all the time. Soulful relationship must recognize as well that neither individual is perfect or ever will be. Soulful relationship recognizes the fact that (a) we are fundamentally interconnected even though we may be independent souls; (b) that we are interdependent on each other at a higher consciousness; and (c) no relationship is insignificant in our lives. In a healthy soulful relationship there has to be separation of the illusion from reality while showing us that all of us are reflection of each other, tiny parts of the cosmic plan.

“To be a soulful person means to go against all the pervasive, prove-yourself values of our culture and instead treasure what is unique and internal and valuable in yourself and your own personal evolution”. —Jean Shinoda Bolen

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? The function of the Soul is to guide and direct the body and mind consciousness, the ego, into a path of life that allows for the spirit to best express itself. Spirit prompts and propels the Soul as to the direction it needs to take. The natural impelling drive of the Soul is towards change, movement and growth in tune with the Spirit's desire. My soul has two purposes – external and internal. The external driving purpose of my soul is to try and help free others from their negative feelings and attitudes so they can live their life fully. The internal purpose of my soul is to guide me towards inner peace and acceptance to sustain me through all the changes and transformation, and above all to inspire me to be a human first and foremost.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? First, thanks for featuring me as a Man of Soul in "Soulmate Experience". Second, your book, The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, is truly magical, inspirational and transformational. It is filled with sound advice about love, inspiration, and promise of an intimate soul-mate relationship that many will find useful, practical and easy to translate into their own lives. Clearly, the belief in soul mates (romantic destiny) is pervasive.  The majority of people hold tight to the idea of romantic destiny as compared to relationship growth.

All challenges build character and as we journey through life, life itself teaches us very valuable lessons. There comes a point in time when we forget who we truly are, and often fail to create and sustain a relationship on emotional, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual levels. Your inspirational insight addresses these in a superb easy manner, and makes each of us feel more loving and compassionate toward ourselves, and thus more connected to those around us. Thanks to your painstaking research, the next time we talk of finding a soul-mate, we will take a look at the person or people we are closest too. They could well be are our soul mates in life’s journey.

Syed Hussain is an International Banker, Strategic Management Consultant, and a Financial Intelligence Analyst with interest in International Relations and History. He is a freelance writer for Newsvine and writes under his pen-name of Tojonasmann on subjects of Change, Culture, Love, Romance, Self-Improvement, and War. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter (@syedn_hussain).

Thank you for reading this inspiring interview! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships (in paperbackebook, and audio), 52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love and Overcoming Jealousy

A Woman with Soul: Joi Dupre

April 19, 2013

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. It was a connection and feeling like I’ve never experienced. It was “other worldly.” I went home to attend a high school reunion of sorts. I walked through the door and reconnected with an old friend and the rest is history. Mickey and I were friends since 4th grade. We never dated and there was a 25+ year time period in which we didn't speak or know what happened to each other. During the party we gravitated towards each other and shared memories and talked about our lives since high school. There was definitely something churning between us.

We left the party without exchanging phone numbers. Thank goodness for laptops, wifi, and Facebook. I awoke the next day with a message from him asking me to spend the day with him. I happily agreed and off we went on a date that lasted 19 hours!

During the last part of the date, we just sat face to face reminiscing, both starting to feel something we never expected. The hour was quite late, so we lay down, face to face, continuing to share about our lives and just being in the moment. And that’s when it all began. A swirling of energy overtook us. It was palpable. It catapulted us into another dimension. I have to mention that nothing “physical” was going on; just the two of us lying, fully clothed, on our sides looking at each other enveloped by an energy field that had us both in awe. During this moment, at the same time, in the same breath, we spoke the words, “I found you.” In that moment we both knew that we would be spending the rest of our lives with each other.

What was one of the most soul-opening moments of your life? Though I’ve spent most of my life performing on stage staring out into the crowd with poise and confidence, I was never comfortable looking people in the eye in the “real world.” I would look up, down, left, and right, averting any eye contact. Self-confidence was never anywhere to be found.

In 1996 that all transformed! It was during a weekend life transformational workshop called the The Landmark Forum that I had the most soul-opening experience of my life. It was during an exercise called “Being With” and what do you know, it was all about standing toe to toe with another looking into each other’s eye without speaking a word. I have never been so scared and I have never cried so much in my entire life. Throughout the exercise I sat with the most amazing human beings opening the windows of our souls and by the end, I was able to “BE WITH” another human being: vulnerable, confident, and FREE!

When do you feel your most soulful? Music and dance feed my soul, so when I’m out dancing the night away, taking a dance class, or performing for an audience, I feel the most soulful.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I feel the most in touch with my soul in nature. It can be hiking a trail, paddling a kayak, balancing on a paddleboard, lying under a canopy of trees, climbing a tree, splashing my feet in the water, strolling the shoreline, gazing at the moon, and watching the sun rise and set anywhere in the world.

Who is one of the most soulful people you know? My soul sister Gabriela. Our connection transcends time. She takes the time to nurture her soul and is lovingly attuned to her mind, body, and spirit: a radiant beacon of light that illuminates a path of compassion, aliveness, and joy. Her laughter is contagious. The world shines bright because of Gabriela’s passion and love of life.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? I believe that a soulful relationship is a commitment to live consciously with each other. Acceptance, compassion, and patience are practiced on a daily basis. Both partners feel safe and that they are heard. It’s all about fun, ease, and play. A soulful relationship is one where there is eagerness and willingness to cross the bridge into each other’s world and to nurture the space between.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? My soul’s purpose is to make positive impact in the world. I’m called to make a difference through the healing arts, dance, and relationship education. This quote by Deepak Chopra speaks volumes to me:

"I am here to serve. I am here to inspire. I am here to love. I am here to live my truth."

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? I am moved by you wanting to feature me on your website. Thank YOU for this opportunity to give my soul a voice. On my soul journey I have traversed many diverse terrains from the rockiest and most treacherous to the calmest and deeply serene. I have grown exponentially along the way and have found such peace. I have learned to listen to my soul’s voice and it has made all the difference in the world.

I would also like to share my website, blog, and Facebook pages with you:

Thank you for reading this inspiring interview! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships (in paperbackebook, and audio), the upcoming books 52 Prescriptions for Happiness and The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love and Overcoming Jealousy

A Woman with Soul: Kellie Kamryn

April 15, 2013

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Kellie is a prolific writer of contemporary romance novels.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. Shortly after my divorce, I met a new friend and there was a moment when we each revealed something about ourselves to the other, and I remember the sensation akin to my soul sighing, and saying, “Oh, I don’t feel alone anymore.” It was a profound moment in a time I needed to feel that connection to someone, and it was very healing to my heart and soul.

When do you feel your most soulful? When I’m planting flowers in my gardens or tending to the weeding. I like to feel the dirt in my hands, the sun on my back and a warm breeze on my face. Sometimes I’ll practice yoga out in my yard with the grass between my toes. I feel so connected to Mother Earth at these times and it re-energizes me on a very deep level.

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? When I was a child, my parents owned a cabin we’d visit often in the summer. The combination of the peace & tranquility, plus the water and earth, was truly a place I felt at home, and my soul felt at peace. As a kid, I loved spending time there where I could read in the shade, soak up the sun, and generally escape the worries of childhood brought on by friends, school, etc. As an adult, I loved taking my children there and sharing the space with them. Sadly, the cottage isn’t in our family anymore, but in the summer months my family and I go out to that area and walk in nature or spend time at the beach. Being in the water soothes my soul, so I swim whenever I can!

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? After my divorce, I wanted to let go of everything I knew about relationships and start fresh. To me a soulful relationship is one where both people can simply be themselves, communicate easily, allow each other space to process their feelings or whatever they’re going through at any given moment, share passions, and invite each other to be part of their lives, but not necessarily have to be together every single minute or do everything together. Adding another person to my life should be a beautiful addition, not a necessity.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? This is a question I’ve pondered a lot over the years, and here’s the answer I’ve come up with: I feel my soul’s purpose is to expand my consciousness and apply it to my life so I can experience the physical existence with fresh eyes every day; to feel love and joy and the magic they bring to my world, as much as pain and sorrow, and to allow myself to fully appreciate every experience no matter if it’s painful, for what it brings to my life – whether it be a lesson or simply love.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? The Soulmate Experience book came to me at the perfect time in my life when I was ready to apply principles I’d employed in my life already but in the context of a relationship. I’ve been able to examine my feelings when I feel hurt and take note of where they're coming from and what is causing them; has the situation caused a past hurt to resurface, or is it something new? I’ve been able to turn negatives into positives by allowing myself the space and time to not react to something in the immediate moment, allowing me to formulate appropriate reactions to situations. In this way, I’ve worked through past issues without making new people in my life responsible for them.

Thank you for featuring me. People can connect with me on my website at, my blog at, on Facebook at and on twitter @KellieKamryn

Thank you for reading this inspiring interview! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships (in paperbackebook, and audio), the upcoming books 52 Prescriptions for Happiness and The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love and Overcoming Jealousy

A Man with Soul: Ernesto Hernandez

April 4, 2013

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Ernesto is the soul behind, where the motto is "Awaken Your Spirit, Express Your Soul."

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. My mother-in-law was a caretaker for a sweet elderly holocaust survivor named Margot. (Margot escaped death when a Nazi officer searching her home, saw her hiding. For some miraculous reason the soldier motioned for her to keep quiet, and moved on.) Although we knew of each other and on rare occasionally said hello, we never really interacted or had a deep conversation (now I wish I had). One thing I distinctly remember about her is that she always looked through squinting eyes, I guess to see better.

One day I received a call from my mother-in-law asking me to rush over because Margot (now in her late 90s) had fallen off the bed and neither my mother-in-law or her sister could lift her back onto her bed. I rushed over, all the while worrying about not being able to lift her or hurting her in the process. When I arrived I quickly went over to her, kneeled and gently lifted her up into my arms. To my surprise, I did not feel her weight at all! It was as if I was pretending to lift someone.

The very moment I stood up with her, I saw the most amazing thing! There was Margot looking straight at me, silently and peacefully. She was glowing. Her eyes, opened wide, looked so very beautiful and bright. They were a gorgeous indigo blue. Actually, I call it "indiglow" because it was as if there was light emanating from them.

I felt her soul connect with mine, and thought to myself, wow what a beautiful soul. The moment really took my breath away. I will remember it as long as I live. She passed away a few days after.

What is one of the most soul-opening moments of your life? This is a tough one because there are so many, but one pivotal soul-opening moment occurred while on a business trip in Vegas. A group of colleagues and I were having a few after-dinner drinks and discussing business (and I so dislike talking business after business is done). Somehow the conversation changed to one about spirituality, the Universe, our existence, God and so on. It was very interesting listening to all the different takes on how or why the Universe influences our lives, some all too familiar, and some very interesting new concepts.

About a week later, to my surprise, I received a couple of books from one of my colleagues with whom I had engaged in deep conversation: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh and Das Energy by Andy Williams. The first book more so than the second changed my world around. It completely, single-handedly took my belief system and turned it on its head.

From that moment on, my universe has opened up immensely. So many soul-opening moments have come since then, so many new senses brought to life. I almost feel as if my eyes were bound and suddenly the blindfold was lifted. Imagine if you will holding your breath underwater for a while and then suddenly rising to the surface for air. That sweet, sweet feeling of inhaling to your lungs capacity... yeah, that's how it feels to have a soul-opening experience.


When do you feel your most soulful? Through the years, I have become more soulfully conscious and really try to be in the moment as often as I can. Stopping for a moment to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel what I am doing is enough to engage the soul.

With life as busy and fast as it is today, it is way too easy to forget the connection we have with everything, the places we visit, the people we connect with, our surroundings, the inanimate objects we utilize day to day. This very IPad I am communicating with is charged with my energy. I would dare say at times it becomes an extension of my thoughts through which I express my soul. I could read a book, see a movie, or hear a song, and they all have the potential to move my soul. This is true for all of us.

More personally specific, I feel soulful when my wife and I sit down to our morning ritual of coffee and chat. This time is very special to me because as we share our thoughts, many times I can feel her soul. Sometimes our chats are so intense the very clouds outside our picture window take the form of our subject.

Another very soulful time is when I am driving. My mind just opens up and my soul is fed. Many, many of my "AHA!" moments have come to me while behind the wheel on a long drive.

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? I traveled a lot for my previous job, and have had the privilege of experiencing many places. I feel the most in touch with my soul in my home. There is no comparing that embracing feeling I get when I have been away on a long trip and finally make it back to my haven where love abounds. My home is a fortress. In my home I regenerate, re-energize, and refresh my soul.

I had never, ever been anywhere else in the world that has recreated this feeling for me—that is, until last summer when we took a family vacation to Bora Bora! Instantly my soul fell in love with this true paradise. There is so much natural beauty and ancient energy in this place, that one's soul is instantly enveloped. The mystical Mount Otumano majestically rising up from the sea personifies creation. Truly a spiritual experience. This was the only place we did not want to leave.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? I once had the fortune of meeting Dr. Wayne Dyer. I found him to be more soulful than I thought he'd be. Oprah is very soulful for sure.

Believe it or not, Bruce Lee was a very soulful man. Most people know him as a great martial artist and actor, but few know him as the great philosopher that he was. Bruce was very deep in his thinking, at times borrowing from and giving his own twist to the Tao Te Ching. "Be water my friend" is one of his mist famous quotes. Water is formless, but can adapt to any shape. You put water in a cup, and it becomes the cup. Put it in a vase, and it becomes the vase. 

My favorite Bruce Lee quote is "DON'T THINK! FEEEEEEEEEEL." I like to live by this philosophy. I try to follow what I feel, instead of what I think. Thinking too much gets you into trouble. We as humans tend to overthink things, and overcomplicate things in the process. I believe we are all gifted with an internal guidance system, intuition, extra sensory, instinct, or whatever you want to call it. It's really all we need to survive and thrive.

People who pay attention to their feelings are the most soulful people you'll meet.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? I feel a "soulful" relationship is one that "sees" the other soul, that is, one that inherently knows the other and can feel its energy, while being accepting, understanding, and compassionate. A soul in a relationship gives of itself, without losing its own essence. Each enhances the other, completing the circle in a relationship.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? At the moment I believe my soul's purpose is to grow and learn all that it can about itself, and about the worlds it dwells in (the physical and the nonphysical). I strongly believe my soul's purpose is to express love, to give and share of itself, and to reach for the light and to be that light as well. To exist for the greater good.

Ultimately I believe the soul is a living manifestation of the creator, so my ultimate purpose is to create. This is something we all do every day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Last year, I had the honor of meeting Aron Ralston, who is an extraordinary gentleman with an amazing soul. His is truly an fascinating story and a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the conviction of the soul, but also proves the power of thought, words and manifestation. Aron is widely known for having survived a canyoneering accident in southeastern Utah, during which he was forced to amputate his own right arm with a dull multitool in order to free himself from a dislodged boulder, which had trapped him there for five days and seven hours. Even after he had escaped, he still had to climb down a 65-foot sheer cliff face to reach safety. In the movie 127 Hours, actor James Franco plays out the real-life ordeal of the adventurous outdoorsman who was literally caught between a rock and a hard place. 

Aron told me he was always a seeker of adventure and as a child loved watching adventure movies and old cliff-hanger movies. He would imagine being the hero and visualized himself being in their predicament. He thrilled at the thought of being faced with challenge and adversity. How would he get out of their peril? How would he conquer or escape?

I told him, "Aron, you know you got exactly what you asked for." He laughed and replied, "I know, you're right."

I believe that we are souls with bodies, and not bodies with souls. I believe a body is a vehicle to the soul, and we should take care of it. Keep it clean and tuned up, etc.—I mean, who wants to drive around in a broken-down clunker, right?

I also believe that we are far greater and more powerful than we can ever imagine. We have been given the power to create our world as we choose. This has been proven throughout the ages. Everything that exists in this world started out as a thought, a dream, a word. Nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself and follow your dreams and desires. You can manifest anything! I have been witness to this awesome power time and again.

I consider myself an eternal optimist and always try to spread positivity where ever I go, motivating anyone I can. I have built a website to help me do this and created a mantra that says:


Please visit for some really positive ways to "express your soul."

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A Woman with Soul: Estelle Bonnet

January 10, 2013

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you've experienced. I experienced an unexpected soul connection with an elderly lady with whom I would visit as a companion volunteer in a hospice program every week. I will call her Jane to protect her privacy.

She understood my humor and I have never seen someone’s face light up so big as when I would tell her jokes or funny stories.

In the assisted living home where she stayed, the other residents had various dispositions due to their conditions. One of them would express a lot of negativity toward me when she’d see me visiting with Jane. It was very awkward for me, and I would just smile and be gracious to her. Surprisingly, one day, the otherwise sweet and meek Jane told this lady to go away very passionately. I told Jane, “Thanks for sticking up for me!” She said, “Of course! I consider you my friend.”

I needed to take a break from visiting Jane for an extended time due to career and school demands. However, I intuitively sensed that she was still pushing on, and predicted within a few days when she would pass away. I just knew she was going to die soon and tried to arrange a visit. Due to some transitions that were taking place within the hospice program, I was not able to see her in time to say good bye. However, I feel that I did my job as a volunteer by helping her feel loved during her last days. I am sure she felt my presence when she died. I still sometimes feel her presence when I think about her or drive by the assisted living home and remember the joy she brought to my life even though I thought I was there to help her.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. I had gone through a breakup with someone who I thought was my soul mate. I was devastated. However, this led me to really seek self-growth. If it wasn't for this hardship, I would not have discovered the many spiritual truths that I have recently learned. It was also this experience that led me to learn how to meditate in a way that really works for me. Though I was happy with my life to begin with, I’m amazed by how this new meditation practice has dramatically changed my life for the better.

When do you feel most soulful? I feel the most soulful when I help someone, whether a friend, “enemy”, or stranger, and I can see how my actions or words help them realize that there is a lot of love and good in the world.

Where do you feel the most in touch with your soul? I feel most in touch with my soul when I am meditating in nature. I have a favorite park that I enjoy for this purpose. It is amazing how much more I can appreciate nature and life when I am brought to greater levels of awareness through meditation. I will see things that I may not have noticed before, like the specific way the sunlight hits the ripples of the water. I also feel more in touch with my inner peace.

Who is one of the most soulful people you've ever known? Without a doubt, the most soulful person I have ever met was my friend Jesse, who died of brain cancer in his 20s. He was the most positive person I have ever met and had such a zeal for life that you noticed immediately upon entering his presence. As an avid rock climber, he described his condition as the hardest climb he ever faced and somehow remained positive and inspiring. When he would go to the cancer center, he made it his mission to make the staff there happy by bringing laughter into their lives, even in his condition. I will never forget him.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? I think a soulful relationship is characterized by acceptance – of yourself and the other person. Even if you don’t understand or agree with something about the other person, you give them the benefit of the doubt. You validate where the other person is in his or her journey. You recognize that we are all in this together and are part of the same energy.

I feel so blessed to have such strong connections with a number of family members and friends. I believe that there is an abundance of love and support for everyone in the universe. We just need to open ourselves up to it. I also believe that there is an abundance of strength and wisdom to overcome any obstacle that we encounter in life. There are also many gifts and experiences for all of us to receive that will enhance the joy and peace in our lives. A lot of how we experience life has to do with our perspective, our ability to be honest with ourselves, and the ways in which we choose to live through love, rather than through ego or fear.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? So far, I think I continually fulfill part of my soul’s purpose by helping others and making a positive impact on other people’s lives. I also believe that there is some other purpose that I have yet to discover. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things that will unfold!

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A Woman with Soul: Kelly Sue Jones

January 2, 2013

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What is your definition of a soulmate? The definition of a soulmate widely varies from person to person. For me, my definition is that a soulmate is someone who helps your to grow spiritually. They provide a safe harbor and hold a mirror for you to see yourself. There is an unexplainable connection, a sense of loyalty and love. They feel a desire to support each other's well-being and have a deep heart connection. But they respect and allow each other their own beliefs and their own opinions because they know to support their soulmate is to support themselves.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. I believe soul connections and soulmates come in many different packages. I am blessed to have daily connections, especially with those I love. But one of my deepest connections was with my mastiff, Miss Maddie. At a mere 200 lbs, she saw herself as I saw her, a "little" ball of love and light. She was trained as a therapy dog, initially. Yet one day in a nursing home, she began to pace back and forth from out of a room to the nurses station and back ~ all until she got the attention of the staff. Inside the room was a man who had his first seizure. It was as if she could peer into your soul and make her way into your heart.

Maddie and I were always together. As a therapy and now a service dog, we went to the movies together, sat at cafes and volunteered in children's hospitals and nursing homes from Los Angeles to Vermont. She comforted me through my divorce, the change of my career from the music industry, and stood in support as I made my way into the unknown. With unconditional love and a paw to let me know it would all be ok, she was my rock. Upon settling in Vermont, with 800 acres of land and a pond that came to be know as "Maddie's pond," she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Given only four months to live, she and I became partners in survival. Defying all odds and 3 years later, she was then diagnosed with bone cancer.

Looking back now with the changes we both bravely faced, she was about to give me one more gift. My father past away suddenly one morning. Maddie stayed with me one month to the day to comfort me. She made her transition at home on her bed in the sunshine. Her ball by her nose, her blanket for warmth and music being played for her journey. As she looked into my eyes one last time, it was if she spoke to my heart. I didn't get a message of pain or even a message of strength. What I felt as she closed her eyes was a simple, "thank you." My soul had been forever changed. Opened up to what unconditional love and what a connection of the soul truly is. We will always remain a part of each other.

What was one of the most soul-opening moments of your life? As my mother was in hospice, there was a string of events that when joined together, made the moments a beautiful marriage of awakening for me. Arriving to the side of her hospital bed, she lay unaware of my family's presence. My mom had battled Alzheimers for the last ten years and a stroke had incapacitated her ability to connect at seemingly these last hours of her life. Unconscious and dying, she seemed to lay asleep, until I heard her in my head, telling me that she was going to show me how to let go and it was ALL ok.

My first impression was that I was coping with the stress of the situation. Hearing her speak to me was my way of saying goodbye. Doctors had given her 24 to 48 hours to live and yet they were not aware of the lessons that her spirit was to fulfill before she left us. Through it all, I had the understanding her departure would be over a week from that day, impossible by medical standards. We had stopped all food and fluids, trying to make her passing as quick and painless as possible. One by one, my siblings, my father and my family were allowed the precious gift of time to say goodbye in our own way. That week was one of the longest in my life. It was painful to watch her soul struggle to remain in the prison of her body to complete a final gift of the heart.

The night she made her transition, we received the infamous phone call in the middle of the night. Gathering our family to witness and support our mother's passing of this world, we held my father and his marriage of 62 years in reverence. We stood in a circle around my mother, holding hands. My father at one end with his arm around my mom and I about to complete the circle of love and family. As I placed my hand on my mother's head, I whispered, "into your hands."  We then watched her take a final breath. At that moment, you could feel my mother move through each and every one of us, completing her circle of goodbyes with me. It took all I had not to smile, there was so much freedom and joy that I felt in her release. As if she was trying to replace the pain we all felt in letting her go.

It seemed as if a door inside of me opened. A door that only in my mother's death was she able to unlock and allow me to step into the awakening of a new world. She showed me how to let go of fear and how to surrender to the natural order of the Universe. She showed me that sometimes we may think that holding on makes one strong, when in the truth of the soul, sometimes it may be letting go.

When do you feel your most soulful?  When I am of service to others. Whether it is standing in support of a friend, or giving a smile to a stranger, I am aware that we all have the opportunity to be of service and give love when needed. My personal time in awareness and soul comes from my creativity. When I can connect and give my interpretation or perspective of how I see the world—through photography and through music and of course, through my writing.

I have been blessed to know and work with some of the most amazing musicians in the world. From Alanis Morrisette and THE WHO to Jared Douglas, Kenon Chen, and C.J. Pizarro. They give beauty and love from their own perspective and remind us of the gifts we possess in our emotions.

The same could be said in my influence of photography. Enrico Bona has become more of a family member than a friend. I call him my brother. He captures the runway of Milan, Italy to bring us the beauty of Armani, Gucci and Cavalli. But his most precious work is when he captures the essence of personal moments. His daughter Lucia is my joy. He has taught me how to infuse your heart into a tangible image to make someone smile. I try to do the same.

I have other remembrances as well that put me into my "soul space" on a daily basis. Conversations and gestures from my friends, family and chosen family. All of whom put me in a place of being "soul full."

Where in the world have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? We have all had our moments while watching a sunset, walking along the beach or wandering through a forest. I feel the place where I feel most in touch with my soul is when I am in a place of AWARENESS. When I have those moments of connection to a place or to a person; when I can see God in form. There are times I look at a tree standing tall in the morning mist or the power of a wave crashing into the extensions of the shore, this reminds me to be in allowance of the true understanding that we are all connected. But the place that is the most special for me is to see that beauty in another person. To look into the eyes of a friend or a lover and see that allowance and awareness of who YOU are ~ is the gift of a soul connection.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? I recently wrote an article for Emails for God about my best friend Jeff. He is the definition of what a soulmate looks like in my life. His sense of humor, kindness and support allow me to navigate my way through any challenges I may face. Yet if Jeff stands on the right side of me, Robin stands on my left. A single mother, student and friend, she is in constant defense of those without a voice. Her compassion for the struggles of others and her dedication to creating a foundation for her community is truly amazing. She has given me a place to call home and has helped me face the unknown with love. I would not be the person I am today without both Robin and Jeff. I love them both not just from my heart, but from my soul.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? Compassion, honesty, acceptance, and kindness, kindness, kindness! Our soulmates come into our lives and support us in the remembrance that we are not our cars, not our bank accounts, not our clothes and definitely not our circumstances. That we are so much more than our physical bodies and the trials and successes we have in this life. To "keep it real" at times when needed but to be supportive and accepting of who we are and the path we have chosen to walk. This life has its challenges. But to run into the arms of acceptance and to be held in reverence, to be celebrated and in turn celebrate those in your presence, is what the essence of who we truly are at the core of our being. I have embraced pain and have touched the face of compassion. I have seen those on their knees exalted by love and I have witnessed the bonds of my soulmates. For all of this I am grateful. They are there not just to remind me that I am a human BEING but to encourage me to be a human EXCEEDING!

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I believe your soul's purpose is to connect. It excites and comforts a knowing of the heart. For that which brings you to the face of God in another being, exalts your soul and awakens possibility. I also believe every one's purpose is that of experience. And yet whatever that "experience" may be, to have the knowing that there is no separation from Source or each other. My individual purpose, I believe, is to help people REMEMBER who they are and that they are loved. That they are divine beings and living, breathing miracles. Capable of changing the world by loving oneself and each other.

We all have a choice in any given moment to choose LOVE or FEAR. Any emotion we experience comes as a result of either of those. ALWAYS CHOOSE LOVE! Love because you can. Because when you love something or someone, it opens your eyes to the things you would have never seen or felt without them. People transition through life ~ as they transition through death. Yet once a connection is made by the soul, it is everlasting.

Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and validate every relationship. Take from this day everything you possibly can. You may never be able to experience it again. Life is sweetened by the risk of the heart. Talk to people you have never talked to before. A kindred or kind word may be waiting or needed. And who knows, you may actually meet a soulmate along the way....

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A Woman with Soul: Treela Smith

December 8, 2012

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Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. It was the summer of 2012, and I was sungazing, a practice I am very passionate about. For the duration of about 17 minutes, I felt powerful, sensual, and completely myself. I felt vulnerable, yet powerful.

When do you feel your most soulful? Often when I am alone, after 11 pm, I am connected to Source much more intensely, but also when I am silent for hours, listening to inspiring instrumental music, and when I am dancing. As I connect to the messages of the higher beings and share them on Facebook or with friends in conversation, it overjoys me to see the warm and loving responses from those I do not know well, or at all. When dancing (not professional, just for the love of it), I lose myself in the music and connect to the beingness that is my true and highest self, in touch with the all-encompassing joy that I feel when I allow my physical form to dance.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? It is always among trees with a river nearby. When I was a child and my parents were going through a divorce, the place that I did the most healing was when the therapist would take me to the trees, near a stream. It has always been my preferred place on earth.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? Trust, Love, honesty, open communication, listening as much as talking (maybe even more), and the silent relating of soul to soul communication (no speech, just gazing into each other's eyes).

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? My soul's purpose is to aid in the awakening of everyone to their own truth, their own divinity, and their own light. It is also to go through trials in order to be a role model so that others may know it can be done, and to help others when they need support or a shoulder to lean on during tough times. As in The Celestine Prophecy, I am a guide. At times friends and lovers come into and then leave my life, once I have guided them back to their own life purpose.

I am blessed to be able to combine my spiritual gifts with my profession as a massage therapist. There is much healing on not just the physical level, but the emotional and spiritual body too. I am gifted with the ability to ‘know’ where the pain is, as often I feel it in my own body. Currently I am working on transmuting this energy back into the universe, as it has caused me to gain much weight to protect myself from the negativity. I have recently become a Groove Method Fitness Dance Instructor, a wonderful modality of movement, fun and fitness. This type of dance fitness has helped healing of my left shoulder (a repetitive strain injury of my profession). So for that alone, I am impassioned to bring this to the world. Currently I am working on writing two books and a screenplay, as well as developing a multitude of spiritual projects meant to aid more that one person at a time - but still allowing them to connect to the truth that is inside of them and within us all.

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A Man with Soul: Mark Burwinkel

November 15, 2012

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Poems by Mark Burwinkel.

Tell us about a deep soul connection that you’ve experienced. The longest relationship I’ve had with a woman is Kimberly, going on ten years now. With Kimberly I proved I knew what Love is. I got involved with Ipsalu Tantra; they had monthly practice potluck events that I attended. Kimberly and I became friends and at some point she initiated intimate kissing. She said she was drawn to kiss, that there was something I needed to give her. We never really dated. I fell for Kimberly good. I told her I would love her forever.

When the economy went south, Kimberly had to get local work and told me to find someone local to be with. She did, I met her with him and that hurt. I wrote poetry and went to the woods to talk to Mom and I healed. I kept a journal and sent it to Kimberly and we are still best of friends. She is whom I feel the closest to.

Describe one of the most soul-opening moments of your life. From 1981 to 1984 I was in the Army. I was working as a tower jockey, climbing communication towers. Shortly after my discharge I got a civilian job as a purchasing officer. In September 1986 I had a motorcycle accident, which left me paralyzed. Being paralyzed I got a lot of empathy from people, which opened me up. My sister-in-law was the first woman to nudge me along. Since then I have had the pleasure of many woman teachers. I hope I did good by them.

My mother taught me love. My early adulthood I was running from fundamentalism and I forgot who I was, so I had to be reminded. Life can be a cruel master. Around Tantra, I nicknamed myself Lovepuppy; the Tantra people liked and agreed. A dear friend calls me Magic Marker, because I mark people with love.

I don’t say "I love you" a lot, it is a generation paradigm shift, yet people know I do Love them. People remember from rallies, meetings, etc., when I may not remember them. I think of it that we are full of Love and I Love to the fullest.

When do you feel your most soulful? I feel most soulful writing poetry. I get in a juicy creative place and the words flow. Most of my poetry is about falling in love, I do it a lot. John Lennon said it: All I Need Is Love. Some of my poetry is about peace and justice.

Where have you felt the most in touch with your own soul? Where I feel most in touch with the Earth is in the forest. Forests are temples to Mother Earth; they are mine and I think our spiritual recharger. Forest are magical. It is criminal that we are decimating our forests, the Earth’s lungs and our salvation.

I go to the forest to:
Feel the magic,
Heal myself,
Recharge my spirit,
Talk with Mom,
Be with Mom,
Be with you…

I think this puts me in touch with my soul by putting me in touch with Mother Earth. And all beings.

Who is one of the most soulful people you’ve ever known? Jen is a free spirit and a musician. She started a band, like the Moody Blues, which had quite a following in Northside and finally ended it because something else called her. I feel like Jen is an angel sent to help me along. Jen made me more sensitive. I can’t even explain what Jen did, we just hung out for a while and she nudged me along.

I made a T-shirt: Made by Women, A Cast of Many. Women have had a great impact on me. My mom taught me Love and I have had many women teachers, since my accident/awakening.

What qualities do you feel a soulful relationship has? True Love, passion, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and understanding. I say true Love, because America has a pretty high divorce rate. I believe you can get divorced, I don’t believe you can get unLoved or you never meant it. I think passion is the fire of a soul relationship. Compassion is joy and pain and every relationship has both and I believe compassion makes a soulful relationship complete. If you can’t forgive your beloved you’re sunk. You need understanding to navigate all the pitfalls of any relationship. Kindness should be the bedrock of all relationships.

What do you feel your soul’s purpose is? I feel my soul’s purpose is to teach about love. First I have to write about love and before that I have to learn about love. I don’t think love is as complicated as it is made out to be. Love is the cornerstone of the universe, it is the building block of everything. I feel the creator loved everything into existence and we can be co-creators in that love, pretty cool. The first obstacle of the dream of a loving world is loving greed out of existence. Then we can light the darkness away. So many creative humans said this in one form or another and I know it is right, I see evidence of it. Light and Love are the same and darkness and hate are the same.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." ~MLK Jr.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? I write Love with a capital to emphasize the importance I see Love having, an intricate place in existence; it is what we are. Love is magic, we are energy; we are Love, we are magic.

Just One
I look around,
Searching for more,
Yet find only one,
That one is generous,
Allowing us to be together;
In Love,
Or alone in fear.

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