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My First Guest

October 11, 2013

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by Scott Stewart. Get to know more about this amazing human being in this interview: A Man with Soul: Scott Stewart.

I went for a walk around my neighborhood today. I haven't done that in quite a while. I had never walked my neighborhood before before Jenny came into my life. I was a runner. Further and faster was all I knew. She was only in my life for a short while, but as I walk today, I am amazed how different my life is because of that dog.

I was sober a little over a year when a friend asked me to watch his dog for a week or two. He was a friend from my past life, so I was well aware his words didn't mean much. I was learning to live a better way. I had to be open to suggestions. Trust the process. I was still very confused at times by my new spiritual program. I didn't know what any of it meant, but I sure didn't want a damn dog. One thing was certain, my best thinking had left me bankrupt—morally, spiritually, financially. It was my practice then, whatever my first thought, to do the opposite. It had to be better. So much to learn.

I came home from work one night and there she was. No note, no tags, no nothing. Just her . . . sitting in my chair. I tried to call my friend, not that I expected an answer. I never did hear from him again. You see, as you set the intention to change your vibrational frequency, those that don't serve you will move out of your life. What you need to improve that frequency will appear. I am listening. I am trusting. But I wanted a soul mate and was given a dog. So, so much to learn.


The first morning I woke up with her I let her out the back door. The fact that I had a huge fenced-in backyard was one reason it would be ok to keep her a while. Yet every time I looked out, there she was just sitting there looking back at me. Waiting.

No way, I thought. “Look at this yard!” I yelled at her. First thought—damn—do the opposite. So we went for a walk. We walked every morning, rain or shine, every day thereafter.

One day I was running late for work. As I got harried and rushing around, she got excited from all my activity. I tripped over her on my way out the door and cursed at her. I told her to get away from me and walked out. Later that night I was thinking about how I left her. This guest I welcomed in my home, in my life. A guest who was just sharing in the excitement I was creating. A guest who, no matter what I did or how long I was gone, would greet me with joyous, happy energy when I got home. This was the first soul to enter my new life. She deserved to be treated better. We became best of friends after that. What amazing healing and growth happened for me because of Jenny.

downdogI came in from a run one day to find her spread out on my yoga mat. Perfectly centered, sun shining on her. Peaceful and content. I took a picture and posted it on Facebook with the caption “down dog.” The picture captured everything she represented to me, so I made it my cover photo. It is still there today.

I realized just how much I was growing inside when the day came for Jenny to leave me. In the past, I held on to relationships long after they had served their purpose. Trying to impose my will, how I thought it should be, never worked. I hurt people and put myself in a position to be hurt. I didn't want that for myself any longer. When the time came for Jenny to go, I was sad, but I knew it was the way it was supposed to be. It just felt like the right thing.

The idea of that dog rescuing another lonely soul brings a smile to my heart. She wouldn't be the last K9 I was to have a special relationship with, but a guy never forgets his first. She had done for me what I could never do for myself. Her greatest gift came long after she was gone.

"My First Guest" is a reference to the "Having a Guest in Your Life" chapter of The Soulmate Experience, which you can download here. ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love


A Soul Pet Story: Tonka, Pride, and Bagheera

July 23, 2012

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Thank you, Janeen, for this lovely story of your special soul dogs!

I have been blessed with many special pets and three who I would say were truly soul pets all were Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

The first one had an amazing capacity to connect with everyone he met. He had an innate calmness and leadership qualities and just touched everyone he met. Once when we were at an agility trial he was lying down and a small boy with very bad cerebral palsy came over and laid down on him. Tonka was totally relaxed and just laid there. The father was in tears. He said no dog have ever allowed his son to get close because his movements were so rough and jerky due to the palsy. Tonka just always new what everyone needed.

My next soul pet was a little guy I named Pride. He was not the puppy I wanted to pick, but something kept gnawing at me while I was at my breeders that just made me tell her he was choosing me. He climbed in my lap and went to sleep and the word "pride" kept popping in my head. If he told me his name, he had to come home with me.

Not even a week later I found out he had cancer... the tumors never stopped him. He was a true, living daily lesson. He truly lived: He saw fun and enjoyment in everything. He inspired many people to let go out their issues and situations and live. After all, this puppy who was dying could enjoy his time here, so why shouldn't they? He didn't get to stay on earth long, but he reminded me of something I had forgotten: Bad things happen, yes, but that doesn't mean we are defined by them.

And my last soul pet, still my number one, Bagheera. He came into my life when I needed him most, as I was in a bad abusive marriage. He gave me strength and courage and reminded me that life is for living. He had an immense happiness about him. He was also blessed to share Pride's time on earth and I know that he knew Pride's time was short. He was so gentle and loving with Pride.

Bagheera would never let things weigh him down. Even when a dog would charge him aggressively, he would choose to act goofy and silly and change the situation. It was impressive to witness. And it always confused the aggressor to the point that they forgot why they were there. For me he was a healing gift. He helped me leave my ex and find an amazing man who loves me for me—"warts and all," as my dear hubby says.

If you have a special connection with an animal, we'd love to feature you—just contact us Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

A Soul Pet Story: Ace

June 28, 2012

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Thank you, Mary, for sharing this beautiful story with us!

I definitely have a Soul Pet in my dog Ace. Around the time Ace was born, or just before, I started doing volunteer work with Paw Placement, a dog rescue in Scottsdale, AZ. I had had dogs growing up, but didn't feel I had the time or space for one of my own, and I wasn't ready to give the commitment I believe a dog deserves full-time.

A dog named Sassy and her 7 new pups were rescued from the pound by Paw Placement and farmed out to various volunteers to await their time to be adopted. After a very short time, it was determined that they had been exposed to distemper while in the pound, so an email went out to volunteers seeking foster placements with volunteers who were petless, so as not to risk getting any well animals sick. I decided I could manage the puppies for a short time and took in 3 brothers who the previous foster mom had named Ace, King & Joker. They were about 8 weeks old. Although they all came to me on medication, except for some sniffles, they seemed like normal, happy, rambunctious—not to mention adorable—pups.

After just a little over a week, Joker had a seizure in the middle of the night. The next morning he was examined by the vet and his accompanying symptoms, like having fluid in his lungs, lead to an immediate conclusion that he wouldn't make it, and he was put down within the hour. Ironically, it was the same day the pups were due for their next round of distemper shots, and being symptom-free, the vet went ahead with shots for both King & Ace.

Another week to ten days passed when King began having seizures. The vet decided to try medication to control them, but it had no effect; the seizures came every couple hours and were heartbreaking to watch. Ace & King spent most of the rest of the night sleeping on top of each other. I slept on the floor with the two puppies, knowing it was likely King's last night, and as predicted, the next morning, King was also put down. Over the course of time since I had gotten the puppies, the rest of the litter was also having seizures and ultimately, each of the other 4 succumbed to distemper and were euthanized. That left only Ace.

Although I had fallen in love with Ace, or more that because I had fallen in love with him, I went through with my intentions to only be his foster mom. Nothing had changed in those short weeks to change the time or space I had to devote to him, and I thought he deserved a family that would be able to also give him a yard and kids to play with. So after 8 weeks with me, he was adopted by a wonderful couple. They didn't have small kids anymore, but they had a large yard and a doggie door and had wanted to replace a beloved dog they had lost a couple years before. They invited me to visit Ace within just a few days, and at that visit, they suggested I could come walk him any time I wanted; I worked mostly nights, and they worked days. They had a fenced-in yard and told me I was welcome to come anytime, and if need be, call Ace out the doggie door.

I took advantage of their offer and walked him 1 to 3 times every week, depending on my schedule. They had told me they had someone to watch Ace if they ever went away, but I prayed he would come stay with me instead, and he did. Literally on an afternoon I was wishing for him to come stay with me, I got the first call asking me to watch him while they went away for a weekend! Ace is considered to be part chow and he exhibits typical chow traits of being extremely loyal. I know he loved them, but clearly our bond was unbreakable. Ace's new dad sent Mother's Day cards & Valentine's cards from Ace. I don't have human children, so it was especially touching for me to receive that first Mother's Day card. Ace's parents referred to me as "Mother Mary."

We had amazing communication early on. We could be walking in a wooded area off leash, and Ace would duck under a low branch. All I had to say was "Ace, I can't fit under there," and he would turn and go another way, with no low hanging branches. "Ace, we need to turn around," and he would turn around. There was no leash; I didn't have to direct him; he just responded to what I said.

After nearly 2 1/2 yrs of not missing a week walking him unless I was out of town, Ace came back to me permanently. Ace's parents were moving to a new home, just a few miles away, and asked me to watch Ace while the movers came & got them into their new home. The first night I had him, I had a dream that he came to live with me permanently. The next day, I told Ace that the only regret I had in my life was that I had given him up, but I followed it up with gratitude that I still got to see him anytime I wanted and how grateful I was to have him in my life.

A few days later, I phoned to see how much longer I would have him. During just the couple days since I had picked Ace up, his dad had a breakdown and was hospitalized. Right before he was, he had remarked to his wife that they should give Ace back to me permanently. This would have coincided exactly or within one day of my dream about Ace becoming my dog forever.

There's so many additional pieces to this story; prior to his coming to live with me, I had felt like I wanted to leave Arizona. I had lived there many years and felt ready for a change, but I knew I could never leave Ace. We moved a year after he came to live with me to San Diego. It was a really difficult time for me because I went without a job and several months with no money coming in. Ace was really my inspiration for making a life for us, and I've felt several times that in many ways, he saved my life. When I get upset, Ace comes and sits next to me. He communicates with me mostly by staring into my eyes. Not a day goes by that I don't express gratitude for Ace in my life. He is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received; a true teacher of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, energy, fun, and the list goes on. He exemplifies the saying "if you love something, set it free." He came back to me and it's clear that he's mine, although I like to think more of myself as his guardian, companion, mother, anything but "owner."

The year before I started volunteering with Paw Placement, I had made plans to bring my family cat (we had always had dogs, but after the last dog died, a kitty showed up on our porch & ended up staying) back from Illinois, where I grew up, to live with me in Arizona. I had planned to for a long time, but never flew an airline that allowed pets. I finally made a reservation with United and called my dad to tell him of my intentions. I had told him over & over that one day I would take the kitty (my mom had cared for her, but my mom had since passed away), and always asked about Miss Kitty when we spoke over the phone. This time, when I said I would bring her back, he said "We'll talk about it when you get home." I asked what he meant, but he wouldn't tell me. I called my brother and learned that dad had taken Kitty to the pound several months before and not only neglected to tell me, but had lied to me several times about her. I had feelings of hate for my dad for this betrayal for a long time. I put aside this "hate" and still found love for my dad, but any time I thought about it, the bad feelings toward him would arise.

A couple years later, however, it finally dawned on me that had I had Miss Kitty when the email for "petless" volunteers came out to take Ace's litter, I would not have been able to welcome the puppies into my home, and I never would have known Ace. It really made me realize the way the Universe works - another huge lesson - in the things that seem like the biggest tragedies, there so often is a greater plan at work. Every ounce of anger I had toward my dad dissolved, and I realized that I have my dad to thank, and I can believe that Miss Kitty found a loving home at the pound, it's possible - she was older, but so sweet, very adoptable and perhaps was the perfect companion for someone else (I was allergic to her actually, too).

Ace helps me remember when it's raining, literally and figuratively, to look for the rainbow!

If I can share one more quick story about Ace - one of the most awesome, amazing things he's done - and proof, really, that he's my Soul Pet - when he was just visiting me, still living with the other couple, I came home from a long shift on my feet as a waitress and laid down with my feet throbbing. I said out loud, I sure wish you could give me a foot rub, Ace! And literally at that moment, he started licking my feet, long, slow purposeful licks. I'm not kidding. And he's been doing it ever since!

Ace turns 8 in August!

If you have a special connection with an animal, we'd love to feature you—just contact us Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships


A Soul Pet Story: Gracie

June 9, 2012

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Paige, who leads dog-walking adventures in San Francisco, shares this story about her own special canine.


How did you meet, and how did you know this animal was special? For us it was love at first sight, then terror. I saw a rescue poster and was stunned by her beauty. Then I read about how she was no ordinary pup: she liked car rides and cud

dling and was about as quiet as they come and extremely shy.

When I went to meet her, I was practically mauled by all the other rescue dogs vying for my attention. When they finally let me sit, this sweet little mangy mutt, dressed in a pink tutu and fake pearls (I assume to make her appear more of a party animal than she was or to detract from the bleeding and bald mange on her snout) jumped in my lap and gave me a kiss.

“Oh yeah, she’s yours," said the rescue worker. “She is afraid of everybody. I’ve never seen her do that.”

A moment later she jumped off me and started shaking. But I felt like I understood her. I was just like her as a child and having her in my life is like caring for my shy, misunderstood little girl self.

After she initially jumped into my lap she regained her senses and remembered that everyone scared her. For the next 24 hours she acted as though I was the grim reaper and I began to wonder what I had done. (Think Dustin Hoffman in the bus scene in the movie The Graduate.)

Do you feel you two have a spiritual connection? Gracie and I are bonded. Is that spiritual? (When I pay attention I notice that the spiritual connection I have is with all of it, so she just happened to be the dog closest and most attractive in the moment we met.)

When I leave her with friends, they always know ahead of time that I am coming to pick her up because she starts pacing. We both have experienced bouts of serious illness and neither one of us would leave the other’s side during those times without being pried away by concerned friends.

What special things do you do together? I run a dog-walking business with my dog as my partner. We do all the walks together. She is a diplomat as well as a monitor with the other dogs. She’s older now, 13, so she doesn’t make every walk but she plays like a puppy on the beach with the other dogs. We love our job. You can check us out here.

What special ways of communicating do you have? She sits on my feet when she knows I am getting upset. If she can’t do that she puts her snout in my face and just sniffs at me. It’s uncanny.

She lets me know when she is overwhelmed by leaning on me and I accommodate her by changing her environment. She throws a little tantrum if I cough and leaves the room. It really upsets her and she acts like she is almost insulted. She goes from ignoring me to staring at me and sometimes she starts shaking. Luckily I don’t cough often.

How have you benefited from knowing this animal? When Gracie and I met, I had absorbed the popular rhetoric that my dog must be disciplined in order to feel safe and “know her place.” So I would dominance roll her to remind her that I was boss and snap her leash if she started to pull. Gracie has always been benevolent in her interactions with me. In 2001, while grieving 911, I realized that Gracie responded to my lightest touch with such sweetness that I decided to try using the least amount of pressure possible in teaching her. Since then our relationship has been only kind and she has come more and more out of her shyness. I have also become kinder with myself and others as a result. What a gift she is! Gracie taught me that dogs need tender companionship. Through her sensitivity she has taught me that kindness leads to trust and trust leads to joy.

There was also a dark time when caring for her was all I felt I had to offer. Holding her and feeling her devotion and dependence may well have saved my life.

If you have a special connection with an animal, we'd love to feature you—just contact us Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships


A Soul Pet Story: Powder

May 11, 2012

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This story is from Michelle and Manuel, whose love story you can read here

How did you meet? I always dreamed of having a white Persian kitten as a little girl. I think lots of little girls do. I was at work and on a whim wanted to make that dream come true. I found one breeder who offered to bring a Persian kitten to our home that night so we could see how our other fuzzy children would react to him.

I got home from work and told my husband, Manuel, that we were having company. When Tom and the kitten arrived, my breath was taken away! This precious kitten was so small and his body was so pink under his beautiful white coat. His eyes were radiant—a magnificent cooper color I have never seen before. I felt like I could see through those eyes. I knew Powder was here to stay!

Do you feel you and your pet have a spiritual connection? The love between Powder, myself and Manuel is separate, personal and strong. Powder has his way of loving us each his own unwavering way. When he is home alone with me during the day, he is my constant companion. I talk to him and he talks back. If not with a little peep or meow, he gives me a knowing look. I always know what he wants or needs to keep him happy. When "daddy" comes home, I think that is the best part of his day! They are absolutely adorable together. The love between Manuel and Powder is so strong not only can I see it, I can feel it!

What special routines do you have? The amazing way Powder and Manuel play together is so fun to be a part of... I am not sure who is having more fun with "the string", but they both are having a blast! When Manuel takes his nap, Powder will climb up on his chest and put his precious little head down and cuddle up right on top of him. It makes me smile and can bring a tear to my eye.

Out of our other adorable pets, Powder is the only one allowed in bed. Powder loves to play "Powderoo" when he comes to bed. He turns on his back and wants one of us to tickle his belly and he will get those back legs moving like a little kangaroo!!! It is so hilarious! That's how he got the "Powderoo" nickname! He makes me laugh so hard that my tummy will hurt!

Powder will let me roll him up and hold him like a little baby. It truly is so sweet. I just rock him and gaze into those amazing cooper eyes. I feel like he can see through my eyes as well. I was not able to have children; maybe he understands that.

How do you feel that you benefit from knowing this animal? I was in an auto accident that left me to deal with a lot of back and pain issues. During the day I am alone, and sometimes will have to relax. I believe that Powder understands that I am in pain and will come up onto the couch with me. He will roll over on his back and cuddle right up next to my body. He touches me with his soft fur and warm little body, I think he tries to make me feel better. It does bring a smile to my face which makes me forget about pain.

Having Powder in our lives is an immense pleasure... Some people may think we are a little crazy, but we would do anything for his health, happiness and well being! He has brought so much love and joy into our lives. He gives back as much as we give.

A Soul Pet Story: Mischa

March 31, 2012

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You pranced up my gravel driveway from the street 13 plus years ago, with a smile bigger than your whole furry self and a tail that moved faster than a speeding bullet. No collar, no buddies, no telltale signs of ownership. You chose me. Or maybe God made you at the edge of the street and sent you my way at the perfect time.

I scooped you up; all of your apricot tri-coated, creamy white-winged forepaws, skirted bottom under my arm, your baby mischief self squiggling and luckier than a lottery winner, and deposited you in my backyard with Walden the Wonder dog.  Better luck even then – he licked your face, pawed your toes and thus began the life of Riley – or rather, Mischa. The poster child for the Finnish Spitz, we thought, but perhaps just a sort of beautiful, blessed mix of collie, chow, or some such, but the loving personality of the best mix of “Happy Dog” breed. Everyone still calls you “Smiley Dog.” You knew just who to con for treats – nose bump, then running through your entire repertoire – sit, down, shake both paws, all the way down... You still do, even though you can’t see, but now it’s just the nose bump and a soft "woof" as a reminder that you’ve got the best sniffer in the state.

Watching you run the length of a soccer field was a joy to behold. Graceful as the ballet dancer for whom you were named, tail sailing like a flag in the wind, legs churning, forepaw wings signaling a mpg that looked faster than a greyhound! And then you’d execute a turn more graceful than a prized cutting pony to zoom back to the starting point. You no longer run like that for fear you’ll mash into something. Cautious, often tentative, you trot next to me, feeling me so near, the leash held just so, to let you know I’ll guide you if there’s danger.

I sang to you each night as you slept at my feet, “I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck,” and when I finished I kissed you on the nose, you let out a long sigh and went right to sleep. Now I sing to you as you lie curled in your bed on the floor, one eye gone, the result of glaucoma, and the other soon to be removed for the same disease that has stolen your freedom. But you know the home base; you know your boundaries, the rooms and the rugs – all the safe spaces. You still hear my secrets, my pain, my joy, my dreams; you still lean against me as if to say, Mom, I love you, I’m still here.

You are my pet soulmate, we’re a bonded pair – you sense my spirit and when to hold fast and when to stay just within reach. Your muzzle is whiter now, you sleep longer in the morning, nap more in the afternoon, but always, always know that when you get your drops, you get a treat, and keep after me until I give up every broken crumb from the Milkbones. And when the time comes, my beautiful boy, I will let you go, celebrate your courage, your loving spirit, and gentle ways, and the knowledge that you were also my soulmate dancing in fur.

Copyright © 2012 Ramona Curtis McCary

A Soul Pet Story: Roady & Ringo

February 29, 2012

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Lisa Borucki tells us about her soul experiences with her beautiful Briards.

How did you meet, and how did you know this animal was special? I had to have my first Briard, Natasha, put down after 12 1/2 years together. It just about destroyed me. My grief was all-consuming. Tash was my first furry child. She was with me until she knew I was safe and cared for. Then it was her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. It was the most heart-wrenching decision, and the week it happened was horrible. Afterwards, I kept her bed beside mine on the floor for several weeks. Eventually, my heart stopped hurting all of the time. Eventually, I was able to make it through the day without breaking down into sobs. Eventually, I was able to move on.

My then-husband and I decided several months later that we wanted to get a Briard puppy after I finished my bachelor’s degree, about 12 months down the road. We joined the Michigan Briard Club and went to a Briard Specialty, even though we were “dogless.”  I love how God works in our lives. At this Specialty, we met Shirley, a Briard breeder from Canada. We shared a love not only for the breed, but for NHL hockey. I was a diehard Detroit Red Wings fan, she a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan. She invited us to come up and attend a game when the Wings and Leafs next met on the ice in Toronto. During one email exchange, Shirley said it was too bad we wanted to wait for a puppy as she had a 15-month-old female she wanted to place in her forever home. My then-husband said, “Let’s go meet her.” He told me that I wasn’t the same person since I had lost my beloved Tash, and he wanted us to get another dog. We made the trip to Canada to meet Roady. The rest is history. We added Ringo to our family a year and a half later.  He brings his own unique personality into my world.

Do you feel that you and your pet have a spiritual connection? Roady and I definitely have a spiritual connection. I call her my “heart” dog, as I believe she brought my heart back to life after I lost Tash. She gently wormed her way into my heart, wrapped herself around it, and simply loved me. As I very much wanted but was unable to have human children, she has filled that void. She is my child—fur and all! She knows when I need her love. She will sit at my feet and raise her paw to me, her way of saying, “Hey. I am here and I love you.”

What special things do you do together? Roady has a routine after she eats that makes me smile every time. I call it “napkin dog.” She will rub her face along the wall or the edge of the bed. Then she will drop her head to the floor, leaving her “wiggle butt” in the air, tail wagging happily, at warp speed. I am required to give her a “butt rub” until she’s had enough and lies down on the floor, rolling onto her back, ready for her belly rub.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the deep connection you and your pet have? I am not sure who said it, but I truly believe the following quote: “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.” My ex-husband can confirm this to be true, at least in my life. I am not the same without the love of a dog in my life. There is something missing; a void. Roady and Ringo are constant reminders to me about unconditional love. No matter how long I am gone, when I return the greeting is always the same: wagging tails and smiling dog faces.

A Soul Pet Story: Skye

February 17, 2012

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Sue Ellen Gallant says of her soul pet, “Skye gave me many gifts, unflagging devotion, loyalty, comfort, companionship, fun and joy. Because of Skye, I have an even deeper compassion and understanding of life, a true understanding of unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. For someone who has never had this experience with a dog, I cannot adequately explain it. What we humans take a lifetime to learn, dogs already know: to live a life of love; a life without hesitation, prejudice, jealousy, questions or criticisms.”

How did you and your soul pet meet? After losing my Doberman Angel at 13 years of age, devastation set in. I loved her more than many people. Angel was a huge part of my life, as well as my families. I didn't think I'd ever love another dog like that again.

It was at least a year and a half that my heart began to feel a little stirring, the wanting to love another dog. I had decided a Golden Retriever would be a great choice as my daughter was now 4 and I loved the look of the friendly, fluffy coated Golden Retriever. I had been attending several dog shows and loved to watch the Goldens going around the Judge's ring & how gorgeous they were when groomed so beautifully. At the dog shows, I began speaking to a woman who was showing Golden Retrievers. We became very close friends & I made the decision to wait to get a puppy from her. There were many other breeders that I could have gotten a puppy from, long before, but due to the friendship this lady named Susan & I developed I told her I would wait.

Finally the day came to get a call saying one of her dogs was expecting pups! I was so excited. I prayed there would be more than one female, as Susan wanted to keep a female for herself. About 62 days later 8 puppies were born. Two girls, 6 boys! YAY—a girl for me. Now the 8-week wait began.

On a cold December day in 2002, my daughter & I made the almost 2-hour drive to pick up our girl. Upon arriving, we received a warm welcome from Susan, and many "kisses" from her adult dogs. There, directly in her living room, was the pen with the remaining pups. Some had already been picked up & taken to their forever homes. When I approached the pen, I saw 3 chubby velvety golden puppies. I immediately locked eyes with one, picked her up & said "Here's my girl". Susan said yes, that's her. My daughter said, "Mommy, how did you know which one was ours?" With tears in my eyes. I said, " I don't know dear, I just knew". That is how my life with my precious Skye began.

Because Skye came from a Canadian Registered Kennel, she had to have a "kennel" name. This is what they use if the dog is going to be shown. But any pup coming from a registered kennel has to have a registered name, to receive her "papers" & pedigree. Because we waited quite awhile for this puppy & I wanted her "call name" to be Skye, I finally came up with "Klaasems Long-Awaited Eclipse" aka Skye. Klaasems is the name of the registered kennel & you must always put the kennel's first.

Do you feel that you and your pet have a soul connection? Skye and I definitely had a soul connection. She was very in tune with my feelings and emotions, as I was to hers. I don't ever remember Skye being anything but happy. Life for Skye was love: she loved all people, and everyone loved Skye. If I was sad & tears ran down my face, Skye always licked them away and would lay her precious head in my lap. So many times, we'd lay side by side, my arm over her, my face buried in her thick golden coat. She was my best friend, she was my everything, she was a huge part of why I put my 2 feet on the floor every morning. I still feel the connection we had, even though cancer stole her from me 14 months ago in the prime of her life. I feel her in my heart, I feel the cord attaching us together, hopefully forever.

What special things did you do together? Everything Skye & I did together was special. She was such fun. At times she was so silly I would call her "my goofball". The most fun times were out playing soccer or frisbee. Others would throw her frisbee, and sometimes she would jump & catch it. Maybe because I taught her to do it, but I had a special way of throwing it so she seldom didn't catch it. Over, over & over. She loved her green frisbee, and I have kept it. Not for any other dog, but as a memory of my girl and how she loved it so. Skye was my shadow, literally. No matter where I went, what I did, she followed or walked beside me. She didn't want to miss a thing.

What special ways of communicating did you have? Besides the basic commands of sit, stay, come etc. that Skye was taught as a puppy, along with hand signals, I truly believe we communicated on a much higher level. I knew her... I "read" her, and I believe she responded the same way. She knew my moods; she gave me what I needed emotionally. I knew what made her at her utmost level of happiness, I knew when she wasn't feeling well. She and I communicated on a higher hierarchy, at a "soul" level.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the deep connection that you experienced with Skye? Every moment spent with Skye was truly a joyful moment. Our times at the beach, which is my favorite "soul searching" spot, was doubly enhanced having Skye with me. Seeing the happiness and joy she brought to others. No one could be around Skye & not smile or laugh. She brought out the kindness in people. She made sad people happy, if only for a brief moment. Skye taught me "not to sweat the small stuff". She taught me that every moment was one big gulp of fresh air & how to live a life of gratefulness. She taught me that when a loved one comes home, to greet them with a smile. To be loyal and to never pretend to be something you're not. A deeper compassion and understanding of what life really is, unconditional love, devotion, companionship, fun & joy. I know it makes absolutely no difference in how much money one earns, or how many possessions we own, being blessed having had Skye in my life made me rich.

"Skye" by Ashley Reid,