We're exploring a topic for a chapter in our upcoming book The Soulmate Lover and looking for answers to this question:

How do you reconnect with yourself?

When we asked this on Facebook, several people mentioned being in nature, listening to music, and dancing. Here are just a few of the inspiring ideas we heard:

  • Kelly Michelle: “A nighttime drive on a nice night with the windows down and my favorite music playing.”
  • Deborah Ram: “A nature fix, like lying in the grass.”
  • Jay Nash: "Sitting still in any quiet place."
  • Matthew M. Watson: “I head down to the river and do a little fishing!” 
  • Yen Sweetie: "By passionate dancing with my fav music."
  • Lisa Kaba: "Reading."
  • Corrie J Gross: "Meditation at the beach."
  • Kelly McLeod: “Riding my motorcycle letting the wind catch my hair and admiring the beauty around.” 
  • Timna Obeta Tugia: "By going to a secluded place and listening to music."
  • Linda van der Kwast: “By going to the beach and walking through the water. Just the sound and the feeling of the waves washes away everything.” 
  • Grace Capapas Labagala: “Talking to an old old friend.”

And here are a couple of our own:

  • Mali: “Making up yoga poses outdoors.”
  • Joe: “I swim.”

What about you? How do you reconnect with yourself? 

Thank you for being here! ~Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships52 Prescriptions for Happiness, and the upcoming book The Soulmate Lover, and creators of Mantras for Making Love