We've been honored to be witnesses to this lovely woman's transformation in the two years since we began The Soulmate Experience Facebook page. Many people have shared their transformational experiences with following the daily suggestions on our page; Leslie just puts hers into words so well! Read more of her writings at Applauding Humanity, Tell A Story Online, and The Little Black Dress.

I have always liked my face; it’s not a bad face. I have always appreciated my hair; there’s a lot of it. I have always been comfortable with my eyes; who doesn’t like chocolate brown? I have always been okay with my voice; 60 is the new 12 after all.

But my acceptance and love of myself has always stopped at my neck. I have always hated my short legs—I can tie leggings into a bow around my neck. I have always been horrified about my arms—angel wings just aren’t in season. I have always disliked my small feet—stilettos look like mommy dress up time. I have always cringed at my fair skin—white just makes everything look bigger.

You know how some people, even celebrities at times, put their own head shot on a body belonging to someone else? I’ve been tempted to do this so many times, to see how it feels to like the whole enchilada (perhaps that’s my problem—the whole enchilada).

One day I came across this Facebook page called The Soulmate Experience and I saw so much love being showered on the people there: all of the people there, every inch of the people there. I was stunned. You mean there are people out there who actually love themselves from the top of their head to the tips of their toes? No way!

“Those narcissists,” I thought.

But then I started following the teachings there and even contributed my own two cents worth (that’s about all I thought I was worth). And as time went on, I contributed more: 25 cents, 50 cents, a whole dollar. My little thoughts became more positive and more uplifting, and people “liked’ them. And then lo and behold, the beautiful owners of the page quoted me—the words out of the mouth that I kind of liked—on the back of their soon-to-be bestseller book.

And so I started looking at myself with more accepting eyes... tenderly touched my soft white skin… walked around on tippy toes… flapped my arms to soar to new heights. I started to understand that I wasn’t so bad, that the head I loved really wasn’t misplaced on the body that I hated.

I am one entire package. I am unique. I am kinda cool. I am not perfect, but who is? And I deserve, all of me deserves, to be loved not only from the neck up.