This inspirational true story was penned by the host of the Facebook page Just Life. If you're inspired by her story, please leave a comment for her.

It's 6:19 p.m. and my family is sitting at the dinner table enjoying a conversation over the meal I just cooked. My husband's pager chirps to life. In a rush he throws on his uniform and badge. My heart is in overdrive wondering what my husband has to respond to this time. A drug deal gone wrong? A domestic? Car crash? Burglary?

He rushes out the door to respond. Our children and I sit in silence now as we finish dinner, without the man we cherish. While this is nothing new it's still heart wrenching, not knowing if the next call or knock at the door is going to be bad news, wondering if our beloved man of the house will come home.

It's 3 a.m. and my husband's pager goes off. He hastily throws on his vest, grabs the keys and runs out the door. And I worry—is he responding to a missing child? Will he be trying to talk someone into putting down a gun? Was someone found unresponsive? I wait on the edge of the bed watching the minutes tick by. It seems like each 60 seconds takes three times as long to pass.

The family is driving to the movies for some much-needed family time. Suddenly the truck screeches to a halt as he jumps out of the car to respond to a bad accident. All we can do is watch as he tries to calm a child whose mother was injured. I wonder, are they all going to be okay?

See, my husband is a police officer. He never gets time off. He never gets to completely relax. He always has to be alert, just in case. We cherish our time with him that much more because we "just never know" what is around the next bend in the road. I cherish the times we make it through dinner, together. I cherish the times I need to cook a new meal so my husband has a hot meal. I cherish the sound of the floors creaking at 4 a.m. because it means my husband is coming back home. I cherish the sound of a text saying "I love you sweetheart, I'm on my way home" in the afternoon. I cherish a small argument because I know it means my husband is safe. I cherish all the little moments a lot of people take for granted because I just never know if my husband is coming home.

I love my not-so-ordinary life. I wouldn't want it any other way. Because I too might take too much of life for granted.