Sensory Walk

Download this 20-minute audio today and immerse yourself in a
heart, mind, and soul opening journey of the senses.


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What People Are Saying About Sensory Walk

"I loved the balance of male/female voices - it added more balance to my awareness experience. I also appreciated the attention to both an inside the body and outside the body experience. My Yin and Yang feel complete. I'm sure that I will use it again and again... since my mind needs reminders of the importance of engaging totally in the present moment. Mali and Joe - Thanks for the gift of YOU!" ~Gail M. Desrochers

"Most of the time I go through out my day unaware of my body unless there is a pain that speaks up. What I love about this meditation is the simple awareness the meditation brings to your body and how you are existing in it at the moment. When I completed the meditation I felt more awake, present, aware and in tune with my surroundings and self. Yep. All that in just 20 minutes. I highly recommend this meditation for meditators on any level (beginners all the way to experienced). A great way to start the day in awareness.” ~Megan Monique Harner

“Thank you for the beautiful walk. To walk & BE... I Loved It! The balance of yin & yang of both voices made it very soothing. It made me aware of the outer connection, as well as the inner connection. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys walking regularly or just beginning. An invitation to a totally unique experience.” ~Toni