A letter we received from an old friend a few months back, who graciously allowed us to share it with you as inspiration that age is not a factor in finding a soulmate!

Several months ago, my brother connected me with my very first boyfriend, the fellow I was madly in love with at 15. When my family moved out of the country, we were both devastated to lose each other.  We both went nuts for about 25 years, life carried us away, then we began to put the pieces of better lives together.

"Love in the Air" by Yiqi Li

We met last weekend. It was like no time had passed, though we'd gone from being delicious teenagers to being nearly 70 years old. And it is a real thing, unbelievably intense, gentle, magnetic, chemistry through the roof, nothing we don't talk about, a love I have not experienced except with him. I had thought, because everyone told me so, that it was just a teenage infatuation.  He thought the same. But this has all the earmarks of soul mate.

There's a pre-story to this story, too, by the way.

I had a very, very long affair (15 years) with a guy who has been my friend for 38 years. The affair part petered out about 5 years ago and it has taken some time for the friendship to reassert itself in a solid way.

Maybe a year or so ago, I was aware that he no longer figured in my fantasy life, that something else was in that place. Several months after that I was aware of a tiny, tiny, tiny little thought - literally like a pulsing seed in the back right of my brain, about 1-1/4 inches in - which went like this:

I am so content with my life lately. There is nothing I want or crave or have ambition to do or be except this. However, if ever it came to me that I could love someone with my whole being and be loved that way in return, I would want to move into that space and live that out.

When my old boyfriend called me, on our third call, that seed pulsed warmly, and I relayed this thought to him. The ground had been prepared by the 1st and 2nd calls. And the seed grew like topsy.

The mind is a marvelous thing.

"Songs of Birds and Scent of Flowers" by Yiqi Li

Paintings courtesy Yiqi Li. Discover more of her beautiful creations at www.qiqigallery.etsy.com.

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