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What People Are Saying About The Soulmate Experience on Facebook

"I love this site. It has given me much more power to be the person I wanted to be a long time ago." ~Dana Ratcliffe
"My friends here at The Soulmate Experience help me more than they know." ~Denise Combs Vansciver
"Provocative and powerful, this site has changed me in so many ways. I am more mindful, present, and soulful. This community is a source of inspiration and love. It helps heal my wounds, it gives me strength to persevere, and it allows me to be in touch with my soul. I also met a lovely woman here and have never experienced such deep, soulful love in my five decades of life." ~Mike Pasley
"This site is a blessing to me—like therapy on some days and a source of encouragement every day." ~Diane Betton
"This is quite the community of loving souls gathered here. Thank you for creating a safe place for us to explore our soulful expressions." ~Davie Hannaford
"I am so happy I found this community! I thank Mali and Joe for the magnificent inspirations and the wonderful souls I have encountered here at The Soulmate Experience! I have been truly blessed with new friendships that have touched my heart . . . one in particular . . ." ~Suzanne Cross Newcomb
"The people who share their wisdom, inspiration, truth, experiences, hope, and joy on this site assist me daily. God did not send me a guardian angel. He sent me a flock." ~Gerry Cardinalli
"I love getting such great messages and being prompted to consider the loveliness of soulmate love and its challenges to remain aware and grateful and to share." ~Jamie Anne Murray
"This site makes you realize that you are not alone or unique in your experiences. We all feel alone at times but sharing those feelings with others is always the first step toward healing." ~Paul Contento
"Every time I come to this page and comment, there is just such a feeling of peace that comes over me!" ~Sonya Kilgore
"This page has been very uplifting to my spirit. Just as I sat here thinking and feeling that I was the only one in this universe feeling as I was, I found this page. Thank you all for your words of wisdom." ~Annette Lattanzi
"Being a part you all here, I feel a sense of belonging... to a family of very loving, sensitive caring souls who extend themselves to others... only for love, for being there. Wow!! It’s incredible feeling to belong here... I am almost tempted to meet each one of you!" ~Susha Pandey
"The Soulmate Experience is a marvelous community! I feel so blessed, happy and full of peace whenever I am on this wonderful page. I have met some of the kindest, most loving people ever! Because of this community, I have faith renewed in the love that is part of the human story. I have made soul connections with brother, sister, friend, that I didn’t think existed. If it hadn’t been for Soulmate Experience and reading and sharing with all the wonderful and wise people here, I wouldn’t be in the good soulplace that I am right now. I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I am, because mere words will not suffice. Simply the feeling of an incredible light shining in the very core of my heart is what I want to share." ~Evie Romero
"The Soulmate Experience provides one of the most flexible and nurturing group therapy matrixes available—and is not only ‘free’ but encourages entreprenurial outreaches of all sorts." ~Ramona Curtis McCary
"Years ago there was no forum for this dialogue. Each day this site has something to encourage, correct, or challenge. Part of what is good about this site is that people are real, striving, dreaming, and hoping, but living real. How awesome that we can be a part of what is good and true in our own lives and another’s. Thank you for making my life richer." ~Carolyn Flinn McCool
"One thing is for sure: The Soulmate Experience seems to have this bit of magic/whimsy, and just when you need a kind word or encouraging advice it becomes near..." ~Darlia Elizabeth
"I love the sharing that goes on here at the SME. I have been reading and sharing and enjoying the connection with so many beautiful people here. Because of this site, I’ve done a lot of work on myself. A lot of healing. And now begins a new chapter of learning, loving and growing." ~Scott Stewart
"Mali and Joe, I adore you and sending you all the love you have shared with me since we met here on The Soulmate Experience. You have changed my world... I come back here to The Soulmate Experience because it is always ALWAYS like coming home to my heart." ~Danielle Estep
"I can’t help but be amazed at how much the postings on The Soulmate Experience always seem to bring me back around to what I most need to focus on! Thank you, Mali and Joe, for keeping me focused on where I need to be in my life!" ~Lara Smith
"Thank the Goddess, I found the wonder drug Soulmate Experience and the incredibly gracious, wise, and loving people here who practice their magic medicine. Mali and Joe... I am so deeply grateful for you, this magical place, and your willingness to share with us your love and affection. And to all the wonderful souls that reside here with me: thank you for just being who you are. I will forever be in awe of the hundreds upon hundreds of loving people who share of themselves so openly and honestly. What I have learned by being a part of this wonderful community is this: A soulmate is possible, is real, is out there wanting and waiting as much as I. I have also learned that a soulmate can be found when you least expect him or in someone who wouldn’t warrant a second look. And I have learned that a soulmate can be out there but not accessible and it hurts but at least my eyes are wide open now, unclouded with the fog of self-doubt and eager to one day see the puzzle of my life finally complete." ~Leslie Escoto
"This group has been a life changing experience—to find others searching for the same goal and connecting with them brings new meaning to every day!" ~Matthew M. Watson
"The Soulmate Experience is anything but trivial in my life. It is validation that I am on the journey I was meant to travel, passing others who are traveling a multitude of paths on this beautiful plane of existence. The Soulmate Experience is not a doctor visit, not triage, not an ER, it’s a long-term rehab hospital for our souls, a Sierra Tucson for the spirit… an oasis in the hot dusty desert. This haven is more than an internet connection; it’s a heart and soul connection. Thank you both for the sacrifice of time, energy, and intimacy that you have invested so that others can recognize that the ‘secret joy’ that you two have discovered doesn’t have to be secret." ~Laura Brewster
"I love this Facebook page. I recently found someone with whom I love to talk, laugh and spend time. Her smile makes my day. If I hadn’t been part of the discussion here, I am certain I would not have been open to finding her." ~Kyle McHattie
"It feels really comfortable coming here, like sitting in a big overstuffed chair and reading a good book." ~Sue Cruckson
"Thank you so much for bringing your light and wisdom to the world through SME! You provide so much hope and positivity to the world and the souls in it, making it a better and brighter place for all." ~Michelle Mekel
"The Soulmate Experience is such a good way to start the day. Thank you for your positive messages; reading them and thinking about them is one of the very few things that keeps me going." ~Zambia King
"We are family here... this is our Sanctuary... all ears willing to listen.. no criticizing, no judging: only compassion and a shoulder to lean on." ~Soleil Cassandra
"To the myriad of souls who have found their way to this sanctuary of The Soulmate Experience… a loving, comforting and welcoming family of souls to which we can return again and again. My soul expresses its gratitude to the souls of Joe and Mali and to all the other souls who comprise this ‘Blessed Union of Souls’ of the Soulmate Experience... You all have been a constant ‘waypoint’ in my soul’s journey... The Soulmate Experience can be a brief encounter or a lifelong adventure, but no matter the duration of the experience, the yearning should be for the experience itself." ~Sid Hutter
"I love how you are creating within this community, the very experience you are teaching." ~Sandy Morris
"I wholeheartedly love and appreciate this page, the thoughtful insights shared here, and the amazing people sharing them. The Soulmate Experience feeds my soul. Thank you." ~Lisa Vincent
"Thank you both for the wonderful work, tools, and resources you provide to those who seek to grow and understand both themselves and others. It is refreshing to see hearts set free to just be." ~Monty Perry
"I absolutely love this page and reading all the shared wisdom. Just makes my day. Thank you!" ~Margo Moragne-Sills
"The Soulmate Experience is like a tribe, you either find her here or get tons of positive vibes of support sent your way." ~Oscar Enrique Perez
"This site speaks to me on so many levels, and what attracts me to it is the fact that is designed by Soulmates! Who can be better expert on the matters of soul than those that live soulmate love?" ~Sanja Karisik Jane Hamilton
"What an exceptionally freeing experience to feel safe in a forum of discussing and releasing fears!!! Such a gift, The Soulmate Experience is providing." ~Solange Sheppy
"I so love this page... It inspires a lot of people who are searching to find their soulmates." ~Cecille Flores Bautista
"Not only do the two of you share your wisdom and love of soulmate relationships... the two of you exemplify soulmate relationships!" ~Murray Douglas
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