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Disclaimer: The title of this post is not to belittle the experience of cancer. Nor does it speak to the idea that I am literally sitting around waiting for cancer (I do believe in the law of attraction). "Waiting for Cancer" is merely a phrase to place emphasis on the idea that many of us sit around waiting for something to force us into action rather than us taking it upon ourselves to take action in the now.

It's almost been a month since I sat down with the infamous Mali Apple of The Soulmate Experience in the lovely town of San Rafael.

You see, many months prior to this visit Mali and I had began working together on my body image perception. After both of us got carried away with our work, the conversation around my body got put on the back burner. As it had many other times in my past.

So here we are, Mali and I, sitting at this groovy little pizza joint called Pizza Orgasmica (are you turned on?).

Mali turns to me and says, "Okay, let's talk about this." I knew right away what she meant because since the last time we were together face to face, I had put on a few pounds and at that moment I felt truly disgusted with myself. I was wearing an oversized T-shirt and jeans that were too tight. I didn't feel cute, sexy or in the least bit appealing to any human eye, especially my own.

As the conversation got rolling, Mali hit a rather strong chord. She says, "So if a doctor came up to you tomorrow and said, 'Megan, you have cancer and the only way you are going to live through this is if you completely change the way you eat and move your body.' Would you do it?"

My answer was a loud, clear and sudden OF COURSE!

Mali then asked me what I knew was coming: "So what are you waiting for?"

My answer: "Cancer."

Photo by Lori Paquette

I let that thought settle in as Mali got really excited about the line we had just come to terms with, waiting for cancer. I mean, it applies to so many different things. Waiting to leave a bad marriage, to lose weight, to eat healthier, to leave the job that's killing you, to travel the world, to experience financial freedom.

When you think about it, we all have our own version of how we are "waiting for cancer." What's yours?


Here's to facing your area of procrastination, with love!
Mali & Joe, authors of The Soulmate Experience:
A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships